Overview of Yoga for Beginners

Overview of Yoga for Beginners

Article by Nilford Gonzalas

Yoga is an age old art form that has been practiced by yogis, tantric, sages and other wise men. It is a discipline that requires concentration, dedication and perseverance. Since it is a tradition that was evolved 5000 years ago, therefore it required certain modification to be made acceptable for the present generation. Even few years back people were not that open to yoga and it was mainly considered to be an Eastern tradition. However, with time and its acknowledgement in the Western world has made it popular among the masses. People are slowly learning its benefits and how it can be used in the development of body and soul. Since it is an age old tradition, therefore it comes along with a lot of difficulty, which makes it hard on the part of the beginner to perform the yoga poses. With the improved technique and modification yoga for beginners is no more a difficult job.

In order to engage the beginners into the art form, it is very important that the exercises are designed in a way which is easy for them to perform. Yoga for beginners should begin with stretching exercises, which helps to warm up the body and prepares the body for further exercises. The beginner should begin the yoga session with meditation and “OM” chants it helps to calm and relax down the body, which in turn helps to increase the level of concentration. Meditation is a very useful exercise to reduce stress and rejuvenate positive energy, which helps to deal with the struggle and tensions of life. One can even play Gayatri mantras or some other instrumental music’s like a Sarod or a Santoor, which helps to increase concentration. The meditation should be practiced for at least 10 to 15 minutes, in the beginning it might not be possible but with regular practice, it can be continued for as long as half an hour.Once the beginner is done with the meditation then begins the session for basic exercises. One very important thing that the beginner should keep in mind while performing the yoga for beginners is that, one must observe proper precautionary measures while performing the exercises. This is important because yoga poses demand a lot of body balance and stretching, if it is not done properly then it might cause injury to the body. There are several yoga props available in the market, which helps to practice the yoga poses with lot more ease and also reduces the chances of getting hurt. The beginners should never try to work out beyond their limits; this is because in the beginning the body is not very flexible and creates difficulty in stretching. This also increases the chances of getting hurt. If you are a beginner then it is very important that you learn the art of yoga from a good trainer who will be able to guide you well. She will even guide you on the basic dos and don’ts of yoga and also prepare a diet chart that will help you to get efficient results.

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The author Nilford Gonzalas is a professional writer and has written many books on yoga for children, yoga for beginners etc. He is also a specialist yoga trainer for different types of yoga like Bikram yoga, yoga for weight loss, yoga for weight gain, yoga for breathing issues and other yoga exercises. He is writing articles and blogs of yoga exercises, yoga poses and the benefits of yoga since a long time.

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