Official Disciple Exercise Requirments (Freddie’s Modern Kung Fu 2010)

Freddie’s Modern Kung Fu Official Disciple Exercise Requirements 1. Promise Not to Compete Statement 2. Max Sit ups in 1 min. 3. Max Push ups in 1 min. 4. Max Squats in 1 min. 5. Jump rope 6. Front kick hold 7. Side kick hold 8. L hold 9. 1 arm pushup 10. Pull ups 11. Dips 12. Hand stand pushups 13. Bench Press (if you have no access to a bench, skip it) 14. Split Middle 15. Standing bent over reach 16. Interlocked arms behind back INTRODUCTION Thank you for showing interest in becoming an official online disciple to Freddie’s Modern Kung Fu. I wish to express and share the true foundation of Martial Arts and Kung Fu. I wish to help people reach their full potential in life and become not only better Martial Artists, but better human beings by becoming artistically expressive. 1.You must achieve at least the minimal physical requirements for this art, the intermediate red status. You must video tape yourself performing these exercises and share the videos with me. You must recertify every year in order to remain an official disciple. 2.From the time you are certified you must progressively train yourself mentally and spiritually. 3.You must promise that you will not enter organized combat competitions and use the techniques learned in a negative way. Video tape yourself making this promise in the video or videos that you submit for qualification. “I promise not to enter organized competitions of combat in which to exploit the techniques of this Art. I will only use the
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