Nine Tips On Losing The Flab

Nine Tips On Losing The Flab

Article by Vic George

ARE you having problems losing the flab? Are you struggling dieting? Want to get slimmed down so that others will notice? This article gives you nine tips for losing the flab.

1. Don’t eat snacks after your evening meal. You most likely won’t be physically active in the evening so any calories you consume after the evening dinner won’t be burned off. Instead, the excess calories will be turned to fat. However, if you really must eat something, maybe because you’re feeling a little hungry, eat rice cakes.

2. Eat five fruits or vegetables every day. You’ve heard this so many times that you’ve probably become numb to it. Yet it’s still sound advice. It really makes sense if you want to lose the flab. Fresh fruit and vegetables contain few calories, and hold lots of nutrients. Look, an apple’s mostly water with fructose as the sweetener. A cabbage is mostly water with lots indigestible cellulose (roughage). It’s not easy to put on weight if you are eating a lot of fresh fruit and vegetables.

3. Don’t weigh yourself too frequently. Weigh yourself once a week, at approximately the same time, wearing nothing if possible. Weighing yourself daily will give you false readings because of the fluctuating amount of water in your body. One day it may seem that you’ve lost a couple of pounds, only for them to mysteriously come back a day later. When you’re on a weight loss plan you’ll get a truer reading of your weight every seven days or so.

4. Be more active. Physical activity really is the key to getting rid of a lot of flab. Ride a bicycle; go for a walk; visit your local gymnasium and do some light exercises. There is absolutely no need for you to go about huffing and puffing all the time you’re exercising – just do that for a short period every day. You can achieve this by walking or cycling up a hill for a short distance. Or put in a bit of effort on your favorite apparatus in the gym. Important: if you have been inactive for a lengthy period of time, get a check-up at your doctor before starting an exercise regime. Speak to the owners of your local gym for guidance.

5. Only allow yourself one sweet dessert at the weekend. If you have a need to have something sweet in your mouth, chew sugar-free gum. If you can get hold of sweet foods specially made for diabetics you could get away with a bit more as those things don’t contain sucrose (refined sugar). But don’t overdo it.

6. Don’t binge on alcoholic drinks. Alcohol is an energy-rich substance that will take lots of exercise to burn off. And if you consume too much it’ll get to your head, so you won’t be in the mood for exercising.

7. Set yourself realistic goals. Ignore silly diet plans and diet pills that promise to shed 10 pounds in a week. Any doctor or dietician will tell you that is nonsense. A safe and sustainable rate of flab loss is 1 or 2 pounds each week. That means half a stone per month… or 2 to 3 stones in 6 months. Now that’s realistic. Losing the flab takes time, so be patient.

8. Develop a liking for ordinary water. It’s what your body is mostly made of anyway. Water is calorie free, helps to fill your belly up, and ensures that your metabolism functions properly.

9. If you find exercising to be a bit boring, listen to your favorite music via an MP3 player and headphones. It will help to take your mind off things as you work out.

You can begin to lose the flab if you follow the proven principles in this article. Losing flab is not a pipe dream. Nor is it solely for those with perfect genes. Use these nine tips and in time you will see a slimmer person staring back at you in the mirror.

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