New To Yoga? Advice For Beginners

New To Yoga? Advice For Beginners

Article by Andrew Holtom

Copyright (c) 2011 Andrew Holtom

Both pilates and yoga have become very popular in the last few years as more people realise the benefits of these low impact forms of exercise. With regular practice, they both afford flexibility and better posture by strengthening muscles in the torso, the back and the abdomen amongst other benefits. In this article we look at what some yoga advice for beginners.

It is most beneficial to practice yoga everyday. Once a person has learned a few basic poses it is possible to practice this relaxing form of exercise anywhere that has enough space to lay a mat and stretch out. In just 30 minutes, a combination of movements can be made that will leave you feeling stronger, more flexible and result in a more balanced body.

Yoga can not only leave the practitioner feeling better, it is believed to leave the practitioner looking younger and more youthful. This may be due to the inner peace that can result from performing the poses and exercises that yoga is comprised of.

Before commencing a session of yoga, take note of these points:

a) know the limits of your body and pay mind to them

b) don’t push your body past it’s limits, you should enjoy what you are doing and you can also avoid injury by not pushing too hard

c) the beginner should initially learn from a teacher. This can either be in person or with the use of a DVD, so that you can be guided on the positions and how to perform them

d) if you have any serious health conditions, consult with a doctor or health professional before taking part in any form of exercise

e) wear clothes that allow freedom of movement but are not too baggy. If you are taking a class, you will need to allow the tutor to evaluate your posture

f) do not practice yoga after eating a heavy meal, the stomach should ideally be almost empty

g) there are many different styles of yoga, try each one to find one that suits you

You may like to try different hours of the day to practice your yoga, to discover what really suits you. Some prefer starting their day of by practicing a few poses before breakfast. Others prefer to practice their yoga in the evening.

Each of the poses or Yoga Asanas start with focusing the mind, breathing slowly and centreing yourself. Breathing and body movements should be coordinated so that they are as one. Each pose must be entered, held and then completed in a movement of grace guided by breathing.

My final point of yoga advice for beginners I would like to share with you is that at first you may find some of the poses challenging. It is important to try to master these poses before moving onto more difficult ones. You may feel as though you are not benefiting physically immediately, however, this could just be an illusion. Yoga is an exercise that not only brings calm and peace to the mind, it can also lower blood pressure, improve posture for better breathing and it can increase flexibility and prevent injury.

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