Natural Hypertension Remedies Through Diet And Exercise

Natural Hypertension Remedies Through Diet And Exercise

Article by E. Watkins

Hypertension can be a frightening ailment that will negatively affect your future well-being if you do not take a good long look at your lifestyle and the way in which you eat and manage stress. It is the body’s method of signaling that a change is needed in the way you are living your day to day life and if you are fearful of taking medications you will be relieved to hear that there are natural hypertension remedies available.

Recent studies conducted at Harvard Medical School with a group of hypertension sufferers showed that the consumption of a low fat diet had a significantly positive effect by lowering hypertension. Diets are, after all, supposed to be defined as a sustainable eating method, not a quick fix way to lose weight or a temporary remedy before going back to old eating habits.

Fresh fruits and wholesome vegetables are not only healthier for you but also taste delicious. Eat more healthful foods and reduce the amount of high fat products that you consume. Meditation is also a wonderful way for improving hypertension, as was shown in a study conducted at the West Oakland Health Centre. Hypertension sufferers were directed to perform twenty minutes of meditation daily, with significant positive results.

People the world over have utilized the art of meditation to reduce stress, to improve their mood, to slow the heart rate and to reduce high blood pressure. You should also take note of how much salt you are ingesting and take steps to lower your intake.

Sodium chloride is found in salty potato chips, in canned meats and processed foods. We add it to our food during preparation and then again while we are eating. Use less salt and watch your hypertension problems improve. Over time your taste buds quickly adjust to less salt in your diet.

Unfortunately high salt foods include olives, pickles, soy sauce and any other food items that are pickled in brine, like feta cheese. Eliminate ketchup, caffeine, hard liquor and fatty foods that are fried in oil or lard to help reduce your blood pressure. Incorporate more leafy vegetables, whole grains and fruits.

Start taking a daily Coenzyme Q10 supplement to aid in production of energy and cellular regeneration. Switch out your coffee for chamomile tea, start taking light exercise, perhaps in the form of a swift daily stroll and stop smoking, if you do. You should also try to eat smaller meals, but more regularly throughout the day.

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