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The first time I tried yoga was in 2007 for about 3 or classes. I did not continue because, I did not have a reason to do it beyond wanting to try something new. It was not until 2009 when I did hot yoga free class that I really became interested in it as something of value. I decided to commit to 3 months of classes, 6 days per week and sometimes 7 days.

I wanted to become more flexible but more importantly at a cost of 0 per month, I wanted to maximize its value. I had everything that I needed; yoga mats, 2 liters of water with electrolytes, a towel and a change of clothes. Hot yoga is more than a class, it is a test of will, commitment and endurance. It is 90 minutes in a 100 degree room with 50 plus other individuals. The first week was tough on my developed muscles.

I have been working out for so long without stretching that my muscles were tight and stretching them was out of my body’s comfort zone. This was one reason I fell in love with hot yoga. In a heated room, you do not immediately feel the effects of stretching because the damp heat lubricates tight muscles; but in 24 hours, it might be quite a chore to move those sore muscles. I started using an msm supplement once a day to get through the first weeks of muscle soreness; a godsend because soreness can make you feel heavy and lethargic.

The benefits of yoga, might not take effect for 2 or 3 weeks. The immediate benefits are improved sleep and digestion while the medium term benefits are , energy, mental clarity and positive mood changes. I felt calm and at peace which may have happened earlier than when I first noticed it. I did not practice yoga again for a couple of years. I discovered a yoga dvd I had bought multiple years ago but never used. I decided to try it, just 20 minutes to start. It is like having gold and not knowing it. I began to practice so as to make it apart of my lifestyle and found it was just what I needed, something I could do at home, by learning the technique on my own and following it daily.

I wish I had thought of it earlier. There are some fitness practices one will never commit to in a gym setting, but are more suitable for home and yoga is best at home because the poses are repetitive and adaptable. Learning yoga at home for 20 or 40 minutes is great because you can make into a habit, fitness moves that can maintain your abdomen, your flexibility and health. This is the key to choosing a home fitness plan. Choose only that which you intend to make a habit.

Add yoga to your morning routine and for only 20 or 40 minutes, stretch, tone abs and prepare yourself for a great day.

* Make it a daily habit that tones your muscles, and mind

* Get into the commitment see how it improves your health and fitness

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