My Friend Made Me And My Wife Happy With Some Suggestion Of Best Kitchen Lighting

My Friend Made Me And My Wife Happy With Some Suggestion Of Best Kitchen Lighting

Article by Robin Stain

A week ago in a shopping mall, I found a friend of my school life. It was a pleasant surprise to me at the first site. He was very week in his health but now has recovered a lot.

Really I could not recognize him at first, but when he started talking, his well-known baritone voice made me confirm. That is still unchanged.I was very curious about the recovery of his health. He said that he is associated with a yoga institute in California for a long time, and that helped him in recovering his health. I had some shopping of winter garments for me and my daughter. Soon I completed it and asked him if he would like to have a lunch together in a restaurant. He agreed instantly and we got some time to enjoy our association.

At the lunch, we spent a lot of time to go through the golden memories of our past lives. Our likings were almost same and both of us like cinema. We often bunk classes to watch newly released cinemas. He was a good critic of cinema as well from his college life. We always used to admire his criticism.

On discussion, my friend said about his newly purchased house. Recently he is renovating his house and for that he came to that shopping mall to buy some lights. He opened his packet and there were some beautiful types of small shaped lights. I have not seen those lights before. He said that those lights are called track lights. Those lights he bought from Wac lighting and it was a set of 4 mini pendants and a mono rail socket which is flexible. The shades of those lights are conical in shape and amber colored. Each pendant was provided with cord with adapter and four halogen lamps of 50 watt. He bought those lights for his kitchen ceiling. The monorail track of 10.5 feet length is divided into three pieces which can be easily customizable to change its shape as per ceiling. He said that those lights give a bright illumination and for that he bought these lights as his wife feels uncomfortable in his existing lights of his kitchen ceiling. Its price is also reasonable.

My wife was also asking me about some renovation of her kitchen, and I thought this set of light could be better for a change in my kitchen. My friend has a catalog with him of those lights. There are several styles and shades of those mini pendants. My kitchen ceiling has some breaking in its shape. So there is a problem of shadows with my existing lights. I said about that problem to my friend and he said that these lights are most effective for those types of ceiling. The tracks can be adjusted in every possible shapes and I can customize it wherever the problem of obstructions are there in my ceiling.

I have decided to buy some of these types of lights very soon. Returning home I said to my wife about that. She got very pleased. Some days after, I bought those lights and called an electrician for the installation. My friend was also present on that day. He helped a lot for the installation.

Finally, the shadow problem of my kitchen is over now. My wife is working there more comfortably. I am feeling very happy too for this solution and on making my wife happy.

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Robin is a regular writer on interior design in different article directories. Interested people may watch some new pendant lights, track lights, island lights for their up gradation of kitchen.

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