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contact : 0933 962 90 49 / 0910 372 19 76 / 0916 436 88 77 Mr. Ernesto Mendoza phone no. 882 65 85 heart diseases is a serious problem. is a condition in which the right ventricle enlarges with or without right heart failure as a result of diabetes that effect the structure or function pf the lungs or its vasculature ,. a mean pulmonary artery pressure of 45 mm hg more may occur . The most frequent cause is chronic obstructive pulmonary diseases ( copd ) .other condition that restrict or compromise ventilatory function ( massive obesity, deformities of thoracic cage) or the reduce the pulmonary vascular bed ( pulmonary em bolus) causing primary hypertension .Certain disorder of the nervous system , respiratory muscle, chest wall , and pulmonary arterial tree may also be responsible for cor pulmonale . prognosis depends on reversing the hypertensive process. clinical manifistation. 1) you feel uncomfortable pressure , fullness or squeezing in your chest that last for a few minutes or goes away and then return. 2) you fell pain spreading to your shoulder , neck or arms. 3) your chest discomfort along with light headedness , fainting , nausea or shortness of breath. jesoga70 therapy 14th vitality abdominal impulses functioning system Its held intercostal arteries and internal thoracic artery, to restored chi to the state of balance is being used as pulse taking artery and monitor a patient cardiac arrest., by touching the lumbar 4 and 5 jesoga therapy unblock the damage
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