Morning Yoga Stretches: Part 1

This stretching sequence was inspired by Peter Kelder’s book, Ancient Secret of the Fountain of Youth, which is a story about an encounter the author had with a well-traveled retired British Colonel who shared five ancient Tibetan Rites(plus a breathing exercise). The Rites are a series of Tibetan yoga postures touted as the fountain of youth. I was inspired to start practicing these poses every morning after reading the book at the beautiful house of a loving family with whom I live. I do these exercises every morning; I definitely feel more calm, relaxed, mentally clear and like my body is well prepared for the day. This is part one of the series. These exercises serve as a base for the Morning Yoga Stretches Series – later videos will offer suggestions on how to incorporate more asanas (poses) into your routine. I sped up the video so you can get to the meat of each pose. The book recommends working up to twenty sets of each posture at your own pace. When I first started I could barely do five spins, but now I can do over 50 in a row without getting dizzy – it’s all about working with your body and doing only what you can. To learn more about the Rites, please visit: You can also find the book here:
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