This routine is designed to give anyone a great workout for AT HOME or at the GYM. This routine requires: 1. A Partner 2. Hand Pads 3. Blast Shield List of Exercises: Warm-Up • 15-20 seconds per exercise • 1 set each (can do more if needed) 1. Center Bounce (1:38) 2. Side To Side (1:51) 3. Forward To Back (1:58) 4. High Jump (2:06) 5. Jumping Jacks (2:13) 6. Forward To Back Jumping Jacks (2:21) Exercises • 3 sets/rounds per exercise • 30-60 seconds per set/round • 30 second MAX rest between rounds/exercises **longer rest is permitted if you are just starting out with a lower intensity 1. Jab, Cross (2:47) 2. Jab, Cross, Sprawl (3:26) 3. Jab, Cross, Sprawl, Flurry (4:27) 4. Foot Jab- In Place (6:15) 5. Foot Jab- Walking Towards (6:34) 6. Foot Jab- Moving Around (7:03) 7. Thai Kick (both sides = 1 set/round) (7:40) 8. Front Kick (both sides = 1 set/round) (8:59) BONUS!!!! What is it??? (10:07) SPECIAL MESSAGE! (11:53) • You can change the order of the exercises Remember, when doing this routine, workout at your OWN intensity. • This means if you cannot perform as many sets and reps as I do in the video, do as many as you can. There are a couple different ways you can do this routine. • You can perform each exercise for 1 set and then start over. (Complete the circuit up to 3 times) • You can perform each exercise for 3 sets before moving to the next exercise and the workout is finished once you perform the last exercise. This routine can be done every other day. Check out

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