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Follow us on TWITTER: Become a Fan on FACEBOOK: China will release the defence budget soon. Military budget has been increasing and China’s nuclear program is never transparent. India and Japan begin to enhance their military power at a scale and speed rarely seen since the cold war. Indian defense budget in 2011 is US.3 billion, increasing by 11.6%. In the past decade, India has increased this budget by 151%. One driving force for India’s action is the CCP. China has greatly increased the military expense. Last year, CCP’s defense budget was billion. The testing of the new stealth fighter jet drew international attention. According to the US cables revealed by Wikileaks, CCP refused transparency in its nuclear program. Chinese officials said they will not 「set a limit to the advancement of its nuclear technology.」 They have repeatedly turned down the US request to reveal the scale of China’s nuclear program. As to China’s military expansion, India and Japan responded by reinforcing their own. Wall Street Journal said, the scale and speed in Asia’s military expansion is rare since the cold war. In Northeast Asia, US is holding military exercises with Japan and Korea. Japan’s F-15 fighter is involved in the training. Japan plans to send 12 F-15 fighters to the Naha base, strengthening defense against China. According to Japanese media, due to China’s advancement in the Pacific region and N. Korea’s development of nuclear weapons, Japan’s
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