Men’s health – Exercise & Diet Control

Men’s health – Exercise & Diet Control

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Who doesn’t want to live fit and fine? But who doesn’t have one or other type of health problem? As the medical science is advancing towards greater health benefits to humane so are growing mental and physical diseases; high cholesterol, heart problems, prostate challenges, obesity, sexual problems, arthritis, lever problems and what not.

Most of these health problems are results of our undisciplined lifestyle and lack of physical activities. A lot of problems can be cured with adjusting some sorts of light exercises in your daily routine, improving your eating habits and changing your diets. This is how they come and this is how they go.

We are discussing here three of sever men’s health problems that can be improved naturally with a routine exercises and diet control.

High Cholesterol: High Cholesterol is also known as silent killer for its first symptom is its last – a fatal heart attach. Imbalance of LDL and HDL cholesterol damages arteries and causes fatal diseases.

Exercise, regular exercise, is a good natural healer of cholesterol imbalance. Getting 20 – 30 minutes of aerobic exercise every day is sufficient to better balance your HDL and LDL cholesterol. Some other natural remedies include proper diet choice and eating smaller meals regularly. Eat foods that lower cholesterol and avoid foods that increase cholesterol.

Obesity:Obesity has emerged as a health epidemic around the world. The American Obesity Association reports that obese individuals have a 50-100% increased risk of death as compared to normal weight individuals. Obesity also results into diabetes, joint problems, high blood pressure, heart disease, gallbladder problems, digestive disorders, breathing difficulties, impotence and certain types of cancer. Obesity can be caused by many factors viz. heredity, poor digestive system, irregular eating habits, uncontrolled diet, psychological factors like stress, anxiety, etc.

Regular exercise is an effective and widely accepted method to achieve weight loss. Other home based treatments can include change in diet and improvement in eating schedule. However, if you do not feel that you have lost sufficient weight even after many days of exercise, you better see a doctor.

Heart Disease: Heart Diseases are leading causes of death in US, UK & Canada. Half of all Americans who die every year die from heart diseases. Common heart diseases are Coronary heart disease (a disease in artery), Cardiomyopathy (hearth muscle disease), Cardio Vascular disease (it affects the heart and blood vessel system), Ischaemic heart disease (caused by reduced blood supply to the organs), Heart failure and few other heart diseases are there.

Again with some specific and regular physical exercise, breathing exercise and diet control, heart disease can be controlled, improved and even, in many cases, cured.

Mismanaged diet can be a significant cause of increased heart problems. Add more and more vegetables, fruits, whole grains, fiber and fish to your diet. Avoid using saturated fat and sodium. Other precautions can be quit smoking, avoid passive smoking,

More important is regular exercise. Go walking, cycling, swimming, gardening or dancing. Aerobic exercise can be more beneficial and less risky than anaerobic exercise. But initially patients of heart disease should avoid strain on nerves.

Regular exercise and diet control can help you get rid of hundreds of known and unknown diseases in your body and improve your life values. Do exercise, daily!

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