Meditation and Yoga Music in elevating and healing the mind and soul

Meditation and Yoga Music in elevating and healing the mind and soul

Article by Aman Roy

Yoga has been at the fore-front in emancipating the lives of millions of people throughout the ages. Many people have tremendously benefited from regular practice of Yoga and meditation. Yoga derives from the ancient word “yuj” meaning “union”. The aim of the various Yoga forms, such as Kundalini Yoga, Hatha yoga and Ashtanga Yoga is to unite the mind and the body with the universal consciousness. This enables the person to achieve enlightenment and the person experiences eternal peace and tranquility. The time old practice of yoga and meditation is a healing system that leads to a healthy body, peaceful mind, joyous heart and liberated soul.

Music is fundamental to the human kind. Music has been the center of cultures throughout the world and across the time. Music is considered to be the best concetrator as it soothes the mind and the body. Certain rhythms and beats calms and relaxes the mind. In realms of yoga, music plays an important role. Meditation music created by a single instrument such as violin, flute as well as a collection of instruments like gong, bells and bowls can have a mesmerizing effect on the listening mind. Spirit Voyage, an online music store, offers an extensive collection of Yoga DVDs, Yoga Books, meditation music CDs and more and aim to lead the practitioner towards a path of self enlightenment.

In Kundalini Yoga, as one enters into the kriyas, upbeat and energetic music is often helpful. Drum Sex by Brent Lewis available Spirit Voyage is a helpful one. Softer instrumentals can also be incorporated. The upbeat music can help power the class through and give some transcending experiences. For deep relaxation, gong music or singing bowls will be of great help. Venus Gong by Sotantar Simrat Singh and Gratitude (Relaxing Native American Flute Music) by David and Steve Gordon surely come to the aid of a perfect meditation routine. The soothing music from the CDs will surely enable the individual’s consciousness to merge with the universal consciousness and be at one with god. Yoga must always be practiced under proper guidance. Yoga DVDs from us such as Refining the Spirit, Mind and Meditation (4 DVD Set) and Vitality and Stress (4 DVD Set) will surely help a person in developing the perfect physique and mind through proper practice of Yoga.

There are certain key points that one must keep in mind before practicing Yoga. Proper attire is necessary before doing Yoga. Wearing proper Yoga clothes is a necessity. Wearing right kind of yoga clothes help one to practice the asanas and different poses with all ease. The Yoga clothes offered by Spirit Voyage are all white as white absorbs all the colours and thus is the source of radiant energy. Another important issue is the place where the Yoga must be carried out. The place should neither be too cold or too hot. Decorating the place with spritual posters and pictures is a good idea. The sights will elevate a yogic mind to a spiritual high. Use of proper Yoga mats and yoga and meditation rugs is a good idea.Spirit Voyage offers different kinds of Yoga mats from Spirit Voyage which are not only soft, but are durable and easy to wash.

Kundalini Yoga professes a series of Kriyas, Mudras and meditation techniques that will surely help in rising of the Kundalini energy, that lies dormant. Kundalini Yoga gurus believe that there is a tremendously infinite energy that exists at the base of the spine. As the energy rises up through the chakras or the energy centers, a person feels is enlightened from within and is able to find the inner peace. Music in yoga session or during meditation shall help in soothing and elevating the mind and the soul of the practitioner to a new high.

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