Maximise your killer women abs with these 3 Easy tips

Maximise your killer women abs with these 3 Easy tips

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Has it been too long since your gym trips showed any rewards? Or are you always embarrassed on your summer trip to the beach? What you have been doing may not be best for you. Here is a list of the 3 main ideas for some to get started, and for others, to improve your current routine.1. Control your appetiteBefore initiating your exercise routine, you must learn your diet first. Firstly, high-sugar food is a definite no- go. If a abrupt cut-off sounds too impossible for you, try taking it one step at a time by progressively removing them from your daily intake. Another alternative that is as effective is to replace them with small servings of fruits. Stay away from oily fats and keep healthy lean meat on your menu along with plenty of vegetables. Do not forget to drink plenty of water; the cliché 8 glasses a day are a good gauge to follow.2. Work your bodyWorking out will be next on your to do list for sexy women abs. To really reveal the shape of your six packs abs, your body fat percentage has to be below 13%. There is no better way to burn body fats than doing cardio exercises, every alternate day, for 30 minutes each day. These can be comprised of running, swimming or any vigorous sports. Apart from that, doing weights training is definitely needed to burn more fats. Remember to not only work on your abdominal muscles, but also bigger muscle groups like your thighs and arms. If all these sound too unfamiliar, do not hesitate to look for professional guidance.3. Know your bodyOne of the most widespread myth is the “Pink Dumbbell Myth”. Most women tend to believe that longer exercise sessions with an easier workload will help to achieve a sexier muscle tone and shape. However, light exercise routines only builds your muscle endurance, not size and strength. If you are worried that too much exercise will make you massive, here are some good news for you, hitting the gyms with heavy weights will NEVER make you look like Arnold Schwarzenegger. So, do not be afraid of looking bulky after you exercise, women simply do not have the required hormones for that. If you are not seeing your desired results, it means something is not done properly. Find out what you are doing incorrect, and make an effort to alter it. To sum up, what you need to do is to firstly, manage your daily intake. Secondly, pick up a cardio routine AND hit the gyms. Thirdly, have someone certified to guide you. Never be discouraged, as you can only get nearer and nearer to your goal if you work towards it. With discipline and determination, along with necessary guidance, no one can prevent you from obtaining that sexy women abs of your dreams.Good luck,Kay-kay

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