Marc Woolford talks about Yoga & making a living, yoga myths & Gurus

Online yoga tuition with Marc Woolford – Scaravelli inspired. Marc talks about dealing with making a living from yoga, and shares his opinions about yoga ‘magic tricks’ and the phenonmenon of ‘gurus’. Marc first became passionate about yoga as a child and has been practising as an adult for 20 years, working exclusively with Scaravelli inspired teachers such as Diane Long & Sophy Hoare, as well as osteopath yoga teachers John Stirk and Pete Blackaby. His passion is for the transformational potential of yoga practice. Marc teaches people around the world via Skype (private yoga classes in the privacy of your own home) and travels around running workshops, seminars and retreats, and runs a private practice and a few small classes in Brighton and Hove. website: contact email: [email protected] telephone: 44 (0)7866 512 885 …………………………………………………………………. Please note: **In these interviews, my views are simply based on personal experience as a practitioner and as a teacher so far. I do not claim that I am right – I do however claim the right to share my views, in the hope that I am making some contribution to the demysication of Yoga, so that its potential can be made directly accessible to absolutely anyone that is motivated to work with the body. I firmly believe that the sheer liberating joy of yoga practice can be accessed by anyone, whatever the age, size, and current state of

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