Luxurious Holidays on Exclusive Cruises

Luxurious Holidays on Exclusive Cruises

Article by Claire Collins

If personal butlers, gourmet silver service and lavish interiors are your perfect way to travel, then small luxury cruise ships with exceptional attention to detail and high end personal service will treat you and anything from 50-500 fellow passengers to a stylish journey to a range of destinations.

Think of a modern cruise liner and you will probably think of a gigantic floating resort, jam crammed with exciting facilities and loads of passengers. Whilst the ‘floating resort’ idea may be true, luxury cruises are rarely a noisy mess of excited families or groups of kids skipping around. You might find yourself rubbing shoulders with the wealthy, the adventurous, the sporty – even royalty favour a stint on a cruise these days. With ships catering to a range of budgets and interests, you never know who you might end up sailing with, sharing dinner at an intimate table with, or laughing over cocktails with.

Whatever your definition of ‘luxury’, a cruise is sure to tick many boxes whether you fancy an exclusive formal once in a lifetime voyage to far off exotic shores, or a humble cheap cruise close to home that could open your eyes to exciting sites without even sailing far from UK ports.

Spending time on a ship will present you with a wide range of options and different types of holiday. Whether you’re after a discount cruise, or ready to splash out and treat yourself, your expectations are going to be massively exceeded with the highest levels of service you’ll and accommodation you could dream of. Enjoy on board spas, relax in penthouse inspired state rooms with breathtaking balcony views and sip the finest wines in an open bar as you make the most out of your journey. This is the most stylish and relaxing way to see the world.

Spoil yourself and enjoy on board spas, penthouse style rooms, open bars and even casinos as you make the most out of your journey. This really is the most incredible and relaxing way to travel in style. All inclusive packages can cater to the needs of a romantic break for couples, horizon-broadening trips for retired explorers or action-packed adventures for families.

Depending on how active or busy you wish to be on board, you could take classes in languages or computing on the sort of liner to feature boutique restaurants and state of the art technology. Why not experience the nearest thing to having your own private yacht on exclusive cruises for only around 100 other passengers? Even former research vessels have been converted to accommodate trips to all corners of the world, offering a slightly less fussy on board service whilst maintaining a high level of class and decor.

A vast range of glamorous and exciting destinations across the globe can be reached by ship. If you can tear yourself away from the bars, bistros and restaurants then why not try diving, snorkelling, yoga or kayaking between day trips and excursions. Enjoying the on board lifestyle and top of the range amenities is only the first part of your holiday.

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Claire Collins works in the travel industry, specialising in cruises, including articles on how to book a cheap cruise and top discount cruise deals.

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