Low Back Pain, It More Common than We Think

Low Back Pain, It More Common than We Think

Article by Adrinna Smith

Low back pain is a widespread problem and the numbers do not lie about it: 8 out of 10 people worldwide suffer from at some point in their lives, and leading cause of disability, after common cold.

What exactly is low back pain? Bottom line is that pain in your lower back (where are located the five lumbar vertebrae) and is responsible for millions of people visit their doctor every year. It has plenty of causes, but the main ones are:* Make great effort to pull or carry heavy objects (over 30 kilos) and push a car, without the support of a girdle.* Adopt poor posture while sitting or standing for long hours or remain motionless long periods (there are people who spend more than 6 hours without changing position).* Having to drive a car accident, fall, run over or suffer even when pushed on public transport.* For problems of a muscle, bone and joint (related to bones and joints), pelvis and kidney and urinary tract, as can demonstrated by the lower back.* Specific spinal conditions such as infections, tumors, herniated discs and the lumbar radiculopathy (sciatica or pain radiating down the leg), as well as degenerative joint problems (swelling and “wear”).

“If not treated early, the patient may have symptoms such as numbness in the legs, cramps, cold legs, loss of muscle strength and, in extreme cases, inability to walk and controlling sphincters (muscles that control the output of urine and feces), and even to use a walker ”

Treatment for AllWhen back pain is sudden because it made great effort and no history of trauma (beatings, accidents), the patient should see an orthopedic consultation. The specialist will usually request radiographs (lateral chest lumbar spine), same value for the diagnosis.

Basically there are three treatments for this condition:* Conservative medical treatment -It is based on the use of anti-inflammatory, analgesic, neuromodulators (that help stop the nerve injury), muscle relaxants and sleep. 65 to 70% of patients recover with this treatment; it may take 2 to 3 weeks.* Physical therapy or rehabilitation -It uses the application of massage, heat, ultrasound, and low frequency electrical impulses to stimulate muscle stimulation (TENS). It is good options for 30% of patients do not improve with conservative medical treatment. * Surgery -It is reserved for complicated cases when “necessary to free the nerve root is left as a last resort because it involves incapacity of more than 3 months, so should be assessed calmly”. For surgical treatment is essential to identify and complete studies.

Experts say back pain is preventable through various measures:* Maintaining ideal weight in order to avoid overloading of the spine and joints.* Monitor positions: keep your back straight, choosing a proper seat at work, sleeping on your back or side in a fetal position and sit flat on the seat, not “right next”.* Avoid carrying heavy bags and loaded it as the supermarket, because the weight is shifted to the arms and the tension is reflected in the dorsal cervical vertebrae.* Avoid bending your back to lift objects off the floor, is best done with your knees bent, keeping your back straight. So the effort is done by the legs.* Try not to sit or stand more than 2 hours in the same position whenever possible you have to change position, bend your legs and move the muscles in general.* Children should not carry heavy backpacks (if they charge many useful are advised those with casters); least one shoulder. Nor should women carry heavy bags.* It’s basic constant exercise to maintain muscle tone, especially the lower back, and then we will be able to make a sudden movement and support as a shock mishap or down stairs.

Swimming and yoga for back painAs the sport more convenient to avoid this condition, both experts agree that the best option is swimming, since it strengthens the muscles of the abdomen and back, plus it is in a position to muscle relaxation and no impact on the floor because there is no gravity. Moreover, it is necessary to 10 laps in the pool, it also helps just dabble.

Other activities that prevent low back pain are yoga (relaxes the spine), bike, walk and run sustained speed, but with appropriate footwear to avoid impacts to the column.

By contrast, sports with a higher risk of causing low back pain are bodybuilding, football, basketball, volleyball and karate. It is therefore essential that the practice is counted with proper equipment, the continued care and directions for practice and used strips or templates prescribed by physicians to avoid severe complications.

A bad back pain treated can cause problems that require more attention and recovery time. It is likely that the lumbar nerve roots tighten and cause a herniated disc or a vertebra displacement, so it’s best to go with your doctor as soon as symptoms appear.


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