Losing Weight with Yoga

Losing Weight with Yoga

Article by Bryan Abram Marks

People begin practicing yoga for a variety of reasons. Performing it allows practitioners to get deeply in touch with their body and mind, which gives them the potential to improve their physical, mental or spiritual well being. Physical benefits can be derived from the poses and breathing techniques that are a part of nearly every type of yoga. Through time, yogis notice an improvement in flexibility, joint strength and posture. Yoga and weight loss are also related, but a person that has this goal should be sure to take a specific type of yoga that is designed to help practitioners lose weight. He or she should also be prepared to follow a yoga diet.

Doing yoga for weight loss requires one to choose the right type of class. For example, Iyengar yoga is a style in which poses are held for several minutes and there is a resting period between each. While this type will help you build muscle, it will not provide you with the cardiovascular exercise that’s needed to lose weight. A type of yoga that may help one lose weight is Ashtanga yoga, which is a popular style that involves performing many poses in a rhythmic, flowing fashion without breaks. Weight loss can also be experienced through hot yoga, which involves performing various styles of yoga at a temperature ranging from 85° to 110° F. Many people supplement their yoga weight loss programs with other types of exercise such as running or walking.

Performing yoga poses for weight loss is only half the battle. In order to lose weight, a person must have the proper diet. Taking yoga classes allows one to begin living a healthier life by learning which foods to eat. It emphasizes the consumption of Sattvic foods, which promote spiritual growth and purity of the mind, thus allowing one to remain focused on their yoga weight loss goals. Food that is considered Sattivc includes organic vegetables, nuts, whole grains, fruits and seeds as well as pure water, honey and milk.

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