Lose Weight Hydrating

Lose Weight Hydrating

Article by Mohd hizer Hasan

The best low cost, highly accessible weight loss supplement is filtered water. Around 2% of dehydration will slow down your metabolism. Studies has shown that consuming water will benefit you in your weight lose quest by affecting your metabolism and it also helps your kidneys in doing their job as your kidneys need lots of water performing their jobs.

When you consume water, it will promote a thermogenic state, and in return will increase your metabolic rate. The higher your metabolic rate is, the more calories you burn and the more weight loss you gain.

While many decide to increase their water intake to lose weight and for other health benefits, mostly will quit a few days after they start. This is mainly due to their constant running to the bathroom, especially in the morning. This too, can be very disturbing during working hours. However, this is actually good for you as the body is in the process of expelling of all the water it doesn’t need. As your body figures that water is coming in continuously, it expel all the useless water from the body, and if the water keeps coming in, the frequent flushing will cease and you become normal again.

Plain water is the most important nutrient in your body. The quality and quantity of water you drink will determine the quality of your tissues, their performance and their resistant to injury. Half a gallon of water will be used a day when you do light exercise in temperate climate for breath, sweat and urine. Athletes in heavy training use over 2 gallons a day. To lose weight and to help you during your workout, it is advisable to drink water before and after you workout to keep your energy levels high and help your recovery after training.

So, how much water do you need daily? Experts suggest for an average person, at least eight glass of water daily (8-ounce glass). For those on a quest for weight loss, they should drink more and include drinking water in their diet. A simple guide for daily water intake is 1:2. This is 1 ounce of water to every 2 pounds of body weight. A 300 pound person who wishes to lose weight, should include in his diet drinking water and should be drinking around 150 ounces (18.75 of 8-ounce glasses) of water in order the gain the benefits of increased energy and metabolism.

And one last thing to remember is that diet sodas do not count as water and it does not help in your weight loss quest and it should not be included in your weight loss diet.

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