Lose Weight Fast – Five Tips To Burn Off The Fat

Lose Weight Fast – Five Tips To Burn Off The Fat

Article by Eliot Gearing

How can you drop pounds quickly? This is a common question from those frustrated by their efforts to diet and lose weight. There are so many “quick fix’ solutions promoted, including the promises made by the manufacturers of diet pills and potions, yet many people find it hard to find a magic solution that works.

Steer clear of the magic and the diet pills. The promises are usually too good to be true. Instead, focus on a simpler, more natural approach that combines care with your diet with exercise. It involves discipline and developing habits that you weave into your life so that not only do you lose weight but you maintain momentum so that the weight stays off. Who wants to struggle through a weight loss regime only to find that you have put the weight back on six months later?

There are actually a number of programs that will help you drop the pounds, such as The Diet Solution and Tom Venuto’s Burn the Fat, Feed the Muscle. But if we want a simple outline or list of points, you probably would not go too far wrong by aiming for the following:

1. Eat regular small meals – Don’t pig out with big meals three times a day. Aim for six small meals spread out through the day and make sure you have a good balance of fruit, vegetables and lean meats – forget pizza, French fries and sugary drinks. In time, you stomach will get used to the smaller portions and you will find it uncomfortable to eat a big meal.

2. Drink lots of water – You’ve heard the standard instruction to drink eight glasses of purified water a day. Try upping that to 10 or 15 glasses. This will help in the fat-burning process as it tends to wash the fat out of your system. Having said this, don’t overdo things so you feel bloated all the time.

3. Don’t starve yourself – One mistake some people make who are desperate to lose weight is to starve themselves, to drop their calorie intake to 1,200 or less a day. Seems logical, right? Cut the food and you will cut the weight, right? Wrong. Your body will go into survival mode and actually try to hang on to the fat. Maintain a reasonable intake of calories.

4. Exercise light and long – Ever noticed how long distance runners tend to be skinny. If you are seeking to lose weight, aim to do regular aerobic exercise with stress on it being light and long. Build up to running long distances, if you are up to it. Or even just take long, brisk walks. Many people have reported good results from this simple exercise.

5. Do interval training – Interval training involves mixing light exercise with stretches of more intense exercise that push up your heart rate. Check with your doctor if you are heavily overweight or are really not used to taking rigorous exercise. The bouts of intense exercise tend to push your body to burn fat or carbohydrates and in time will tend to tone you up. Push ups, sit ups, leg raises and some light weight training can also be beneficial in the toning up process. But don’t go overboard at the beginning. Build up gradually.

There are more intense or calculated forms of this approach but this is a simple outline if you are keen to lose weight and want to lose it relatively fast.

Stick with it and don’t expect amazing results quickly. Your body and your willpower will need to adapt.

About the Author

Eliot Gearing is a journalist who writes about health, fitness and adventure. A keen runner, cyclist and walker, he has taken part in exciting journeys on foot and by bicycle in Asia and Africa, testing to the limits his long distance endurance. If you are looking for the right diet and exercise combination, check out the review of Tom Venuto’s Burn The Fat Feed The Muscle program aimed at women and men at – http://burn-fat-review.com

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