Lose Fat With This Easy Weight Loss Exercise

Lose Fat With This Easy Weight Loss Exercise

Article by Antonio Seegars

If you didn’t already know one of the simplest yet most effective exercises to lose weight is walking. That’s right, walking. That thing you do everyday and try to cut down on by asking somebody to get something for you, or by rolling your chair wherever you need to go.

Walking, combined with Calorie Moderation is the most effective diet plan for overweight individuals. Have you every heard of Jared Fogle, the Subway diet guy? He went from 425 pounds to 190 pounds in year by calorie cutting and walking.

Some people attributed Jared’s weight loss solely to Subway sandwiches, but Jared let the public know that his weight loss came from calorie cutting and calorie burning. Jared cut his daily calorie intake of 10,000 calories down to 2,000 calories and implemented a strict daily walking routine into his life.

His walking routine is what enabled him to lose so much weight, so fast. If he would of followed his daily plan of 2000 calories a day he would of eventually lost weight, but it would of be an extremely slow process to lose the 235 pounds that he did if he didn’t use his walking routine. And chances are he would of only lost half or only two-thirds of the weight that he did.

Jared’s walking routine consisted of a daily 1.5 mile walk and that’s all he did for exercise. And that’s all you need to do if you want to lose weight. Everyday go out for a walk and the next day try to walk the same distance that you did the previous day at a faster pace then you did before. Once you get comfortable you can increase your walking distance or substitute your walking for jogging. If you watch your calories and walk on a regular basis you will lose weight.

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