Look and Feel Great with the Right Weight Loss Exercise Program

Look and Feel Great with the Right Weight Loss Exercise Program

Article by Michelle P. West

One of the hardest things a woman can do when she hits the big 4-0 is to keep herself trim and fit. Sometimes, it seems to take more than just walking a few miles a week to keep that weight off. Running doesn’t even seem to have any effect.

Or maybe you’ve tried the craziest diet fads and starved yourself to death, but those numbers on your scale just won’t go down. Don’t give up just yet. You just may not have seen the best weight loss exercise program for you.

Just from aging or trying certain diets, we tend to lose our muscle mass hence those sagging arms that still jiggle after we wave goodbye to someone. Not only does muscle deterioration make your body saggy, it also slows down your metabolism and it seems to take more exercise just to lose that extra five pounds. But “more exercise” is not the answer.

The trick to losing weight, slimming down and looking better is to lose the fat — not your muscle mass. With the right exercise plan, you can make your body stronger and give more definition to those certain areas you want to show off, like your stomach, your legs, and your arms.

A few women think that putting on some muscle will make them look bulkier and less feminine. But that’s the beauty of being a woman: you’re genetically pre-disposed NOT to bulk up as much as a man can thanks to your female hormones.

What we want is to add just the right amount of lean muscle to tone your body. And because you’re doing a proper exercise regimen, you will soon be able to show off your body, whether you’re on the beach soaking up the sun in a swimsuit or just parading in a formal event in an evening gown.

And, believe me when I tell you that “a proper exercise regimen” can consist of only 15 minutes per day, 2 to 3 days per week!

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