Let The Light Inside

Yes… Do you know what is the reward for those who struggle and are patient? Just let all your worries go free, and become One with the Light Let the Light inside… CHORUS ——— Let the Light inside your Mind Push desires aside and find Lift off let your mind fly high Let the body stay behind [CHORUS] Do not let desires defeat you, hold-your-head-up-high let the angels greet you Cause blessed is spot where God’s name is mentioned, now let us bring God to our attention Let yourself be consumed by the Light, shining bright, and full of great Might, God is closer than you think, but-first-you-gotta-open your mind to let It in, Turn your face to the Hidden Mystery*, and be patient so that you may receive Do not let desires deceive, but turn your thoughts so that you may acheive Let the mercy take hold of you, turn to God and make-yourself stay-true, Find the key to your mind and ignite, get ready for take off to the greatest flight [CHORUS] Now Let us make a routine… And Call upon the Light each morning and Night.. For those who exercise and master the Mind, they will attain Light, Wisdom, and Truth
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