Learning About Yoga Styles With Yoga Books And Other Resources

Learning About Yoga Styles With Yoga Books And Other Resources

Article by Nadine S

Yoga is the ancient discipline of concentration that originated in India. Influenced by Hinduism, Jainism and Buddhism, this form of meditation has experienced a resurgence in popularity today and the principles can be learned through yoga books and other sources. Known to clear the mind through a series off deep breathing exercises and poses designed to promote concentration, this exercise is also known to improve meditation as well as tone and strengthen the entire body. Yoga books, CDs, and DVDs are often used by people who want to start learning about this meditation method.

Various Forms of YogaHatha is the most general form of yoga and is thought to encompass all the other physical types of meditation. It is recognized for its slow pace and provides a good start for beginners. Vinyasa is also used to refer to many types of classes. Unlike Hatha, this focuses more on breathing and places emphasis on sun salutations. Iyengar is a style that is most concerned with the right body alignment. Practitioners are more concerned with holding poses over longer periods of time, as compared to flowing from one pose to the next. Kundalini is more concerned with physical movement to free the energy in the lower body, allowing it to start moving upwards. Bikram is the newest style to be popular in mainstream practice. Pioneered by Bikram Choudhur, this is practiced in heated rooms,usually at 95 to 100 degrees which helps loosen the muscles and promote profuse sweating. This is believed to cleanse the body of toxins and negative energy.

Learning Yoga Though Available ResourcesHundreds of yoga books, magazines, CD’s and internet articles and websites are dedicated to this meditative form. Those who are new to this exercise will benefit from books and other types of yoga litterature. Aside from yoga books, Yoga videos are also very useful when one wants to learn the right way to pose and do the movements at home. One can buy a yoga DVD, along with yoga accessories, from almost any meditation site on the internet.

Whether learning by one’s self or with a class, doing this form of meditation will help those who want to improve their concentration, tone their muscles, and improve their body’s alignment. Resources for learning about this meditative technique abound online and offline. Yoga books, magazines and videos provide ample support for people who want to start learning about this form of meditation themselves. Namaste.


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