Learn About Yoga Breathing — What Is “Samana”?

Learn About Yoga Breathing — What Is “Samana”?

Article by Analia Kerner

Most people think breathing is just taking in air and letting it out again. These are the first and final stages of the process though. After your vitalizing breath, Prana, has filled your lungs, there are three other forms of subtle energy flowing into your body and the second one, Samana starts to work. Samanas’ job is to extract oxygen and to transport it to your cells. When you learn about yoga breathing, these concepts become clear and help you become more aware of how important our breathing can be.

Samana is interesting because it also helps you to digest ideas, interpret feelings and make sense of arguments because it also feeds your mind. When you boost your Samana breathing, you not only maximize the oxygen and nutrients in your system but you also transform the way you think and engage with ideas and feelings.

Samana can be thought of as a digestion breath. It extracts all substances you use, such as oxygen from the air, nutrients from food and ideas from words and sounds. It then puts them into the relevant processing place, ready to be absorbed into your bloodstream or your mind. Samana then permits your cleansing breath to release what you do not need any more. Samana is associated with your solar plexus which extends the bottom of your rib cage to your navel, and when you learn about yoga breathing, such exercises become second nature.

Samana is known as the “energy of moderation”. It helps you follow a path of moderation daily, through eating a balanced diet, getting the right exercise, sleeping properly and helps keep your emotions in balance. Samana is also known as a heating energy and yogis say when it goes out of balance it can overheat your system either emotionally or physically.

When your Samana energy is strong and well balanced, you feel better fed with oxygen and nutrients. You will have “fire in your belly” which helps you assimilate negative experiences and remain detached.

Samana brings energy towards the middle of your body from your peripheral areas and stores it safely around the solar plexus. Modern life is seriously characterized by too much energy flowing outwards. Your senses, and your mind are over stimulated, and this can leave you feeling completely drained of energy. If your Samana energy is weak you may feel like you want new sensations, may be feeling overemotional or mentally blocked in some way.

When you learn about yoga breathing, you raise your awareness about simple things we take for granted, such as our very own breathing. Understanding how our breath can nourish our body and mind is as important as realizing that we need to do it consistently. Make a conscious effort to truly learn about yoga breathing, it “will” deliver a better life for you.

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