Learn About the Benefits of Yoga – It Can Change Your Life for Good

Learn About the Benefits of Yoga – It Can Change Your Life for Good

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From ancient times yoga had been practices by Hindu saints and monks. It was Patanjali who first wrote down the principles of yoga and his Yoga Sutra is the basis of different yoga forms that are practiced even today. There are many benefits of Yoga that are known to us. Scientific studies have also been conducted that have also proved the positive effects of Yoga and Pranayam benefits. Let us present some of the most striking Yoga benefits.

Physical benefits of Yoga – When you practice yoga regularly, the asanas that you perform make your body supple and strong. It makes your muscles stronger and joints flexible. It increases the rate of metabolism that is helpful in reducing excess fat from your body. As yoga makes your joints and spinal cord flexible it increases your body reflex. Therefore with yoga you get strong and fit body that is in perfect shape. Apart from shaping your body it increases your endurance and stamina as well.

Effect of yoga on cardio vascular health – Yoga and especially the Pranayam is known to have positive effects on our cardio vascular health. In fact this is one of the most important benefits of Pranayam. Pranayam is basically a way of breathing exercise. Through Pranayam you will learn the basics of controlling your breathing – with better control over your breathing your lung capacity will improve and so will your cardio vascular health. It will help to control blood pressure and eliminate the chances of cardiac diseases. With regular practice of Pranayam, level of oxygen will increase in your blood and it will also flush out toxins from your system.

Yoga influences on digestive system – Yoga has a direct effect on our digestive system and undoubtedly it has some positive effects. Whatever we eat need is digested in your stomach and there are so many organs that participate in the digestion process. If one of these organs does not function properly, it will result in indigestion and so many other health complications. A proper digestive system is the primary condition for a healthy system. Regular practice of Yoga ensure secretion of the digestive juices properly that ensures proper functioning of the digestive system. There are so many asanas that ensures a healthy digestive system. It will not only help to get rid of digestive problems but also get the nutrients from your diet.

Effect of yoga on nervous system – Apart from these physical benefits of Yoga, there is a distinctive benefit of yoga that you cannot get from any other form of exercise. That is the mental or psychological benefit. Yoga is the union of mind and soul. Pranayam is known to have positive effects on your mind. It will let you get rid of all your stress and tension that is part of today’s life.

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The benefits of Yoga are multiple, it heals the body from within and relaxes the mind, so Yoga gives you fit body and strong mind.

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