Las Vegas Yoga For Beginners – What to Wear to Your First Yoga Session

Las Vegas Yoga For Beginners – What to Wear to Your First Yoga Session

Article by Alvin Tam

A beginner to yoga in Las Vegas and not sure what to wear? A few tips from the Las Vegas yoga Barefoot Sanctuary staff on how to feel good and prepare for your introduction to yoga. First you want to make sure you feel good in what you are wearing. My recommendation is light, soft stretchy cotton wear that compliments your form and offers you some breathing room. For women, maybe a V-neck tank that forms to your body well, which will assist in your maintaining good posture and body consciousness. Find a pair of stretchy cotton or lycra yoga pants. Some of my favorites are designed by Hard Tail, Lululemon and Prana.

For Women

There are a sundry of yoga brands out there so try to simplify and find something affordable or a high end pair that you will wear often. Layers are also good to wear, like a thin, loose long sleeve cotton shirt, one that you can wrap around your waist or in your hair when you get warm, which you will. Bring a hair tie if you have long hair and remove all jewelery. Go into your practice feeling light and not distracted by the weight of bracelets, watches, heavy rings or even earrings. Let loose and get relaxed… that’s what you are going for.

For Men

For men, try wearing something similar to what you would wear to the gym, minus the shoes and socks. Maybe roll your pants up a few times from the bottom, so you find more ventilation and flexibility in your legs. Try looking up some yoga wear from Prana, as they cater to rock climbers and yogis… all great stuff for that physical edge you’ll want to discover in your range of movement. Feel free to go shirtless if you are comfortable, otherwise a light cotton, T or tank is great.

Most of all, wash your feet prior to class so you feel relaxed and comfortable being barefoot. You will want to feel the Earth beneath your toes! Get rooted, grounded, take off your socks for better connection to your mat and start to encourage your balancing skills right away. Bring a sweat towel and a canteen of water!

3 Things to Prepare for Before Your Class

1. Turn off your cell phone!2. Do what you can on a physical scale and know that the class is about restoring and recharging you! Try and discard any sense of comparison or competition during your yoga experience. Start with beginner yoga positions and progress from there.3. Set your own personal intention before class, this way you know going in why exactly you are there to practice and your physical workout can meet a spiritual balance.

Try a beginners yoga class at our Las Vegas yoga studio.

About the Author

Alvin Tam is the co-founder of Barefoot Sanctuary, a Las Vegas yoga and fitness studio located inside Whole Foods Market right on the famous Strip. He is a professional acrobat, and the founder of Acrofit: a strength training program that combines yoga, martial arts, and acrobatics. Learn more and pre-register at

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