Laboratory Study (1/3) of Pranic Healing Using Cells in Culture Subjected to Gamma Radiation.

Pranic Healing is a biofield therapy established in China thousands of years ago but rediscovered and reformulated in recent times by Mei Ling and his student Master Choa Kok Sui. Practitioners believe that they are able to tap into what is termed prana or Qi, the universal force, and to use this energy to promote or enhance healing. The objective of our long-term program is to critically evaluate Pranic Healing in a laboratory setting using rigorous mainstream scientific methods. In an initial study (presented at the 20th Annual Meeting of the SSE, June 7-9, 2001, La Jolla, CA), we investigated possible mediation effects of Pranic Healing on HeLa cells in culture subjected to gamma radiation. In a preliminary set of 70 experiments using 4 different healers we found that Pranic Healing could indeed significantly enhance the survival rate of cells subjected to radiation. Here we report on a far more extensive study involving some 854 single experiments using ten different individual Pranic Healers. Several studies also involved groups of healers. In experiments using a single Pranic Healer, typical survival rates increased from an expected 50% to over 90% for cells treated both before and after radiation. The distance between the healer and the cells proved unimportant. Shielding the cells and the healer from electromagnetic and gamma radiation had no effect on the results. The experience of the healer proved to be slightly important. Experiments involving a group of
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