Know the Importance of YOGA MATS while you exercise

Know the Importance of YOGA MATS while you exercise

Article by Mark Smith

Exercising has become today’s necessity to keep oneself Fit & Healthy! But would you exercise on a Bare Floor or would you select the Best Yoga Mats for you?

Nowadays, Yoga Mats have become very popular amongst the other Yoga Equipments. Yoga Mats are in Vogue and one should spare some time finding the right and the Best Yoga Mat for one self.

1. Why Should One Use Yoga Mats

Yoga mats provide ideal support and cushioning between you and that cold hard floor. Support is provided for contact points like knees, elbows and hips, any place where you do not have padding.Good Yoga mats offer cushioning that is dense yet light-weight. The “sticky” texture does a fantastic job of keeping hands and feet firmly in position.

The Yoga Mat also helps you characterize your own space. The Yoga Mat settles your personal domain. As a result it is crucial to know the different kinds of Yoga Mats. This is in order to give you an idea about which Yoga Mat will serve you Best.

Yoga mats decrease injuries caused by slippery surfaces. Even a carpet can potentially become slippery and cause an injury, especially in a more complicated pose.

2. Types Of Yoga Mats

Yoga Mats are available in various patterns and colours. Each one has a different opinion and a view to select his Best Yoga Mat.

Manduka Yoga MatsGaiam Yoga MatPrana Yoga MatQuality Yoga MatSticky Yoga Mat

Avoid using “PVC Yoga Mats” as they are not eco-friendly.

The most desirable mat available is the “Premium Black Mat”. It is preferred by many serious Yoga practitioners since it lays flat on any ground surface be it grass, sand, carpet, or hardwood floors.

80% of all Yoga Practioners use the “Sticky Mats”.

The “Ultra Mat” is twice as thick as the Sticky Mat, but weighs the same. It is not as dense as the standard Sticky Mat, but does provide better padding for knees and ankles.

The Prana Mat is a thinner, tackier Mat, with a textured surface that provides good traction. This mat may be too thin for some, but a perfect thickness for others since you can really feel the floor when practicing.

A very thin mat which folds easily is the “Travel Mat”. These mats are not recommended to be used solely while practising Yoga.

Nowadays, “Unique Hand-Woven Mats” are in Vogue for Yoga.

• 3. How will you choose your Best Yoga Mat!

Some use rugs rather than Yoga Mats for a firm grip. The best yoga mat for you depends on your age and the type of yoga you prefer to practice. Also your personal taste in colour and brand name will help you decide the Best Yoga Mats.

An ideal Yoga Mat should: • Help you hold All yoga positions without feeling the slightest of discomfort. • Should be a 3-in-1: suitable for physical positions, meditative positions AND relaxation poses. • Provide you only a Sufficient Grip in case of yoga exercises. • Be sufficiently soft Yet Firm for meditative and other squatting postures. • Be extremely comfortable and snug for relaxation and lying down postures. • Have excellent sweat – absorbent properties AND be washable. • Be sufficiently large so that you don’t feel the edges giving you discomfort as you ease yourself. Be attractive to the eye and should make you WANT to use them.

Your selection of the BEST YOGA MAT should depend on how comfortable is the mat which would make your practice Comfortable, Focussed and Unhindered.

About the Author

Mark Smith believes that fitness is life and has made yoga a part of his life. He thinks that Yoga mats are a basic part of every yoga practice. Yoga mats should be good and to the liking of the person, so that it will not be difficult to do yoga properly on them. Mark places a lot of emphasis on doing yoga conscientiously.

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