Knee and Back Pain with the Help of Yoga Part 4

Knee and Back Pain with the Help of Yoga Part 4

Article by Glen Wood – The Yoga Teacher

Knee And Back Pain with the Help of Yoga Part 4

Sciatica described as the pain along the Sciatic Nerve or start from the buttock to the back of the leg. Sciatica may also cause numbness and tingling or pain in the sacrum. In Sciatica, the pain in the posterior thigh, lower leg or foot can be much worse than the lower Back Pain. Osteoarthritis and Fibromyalgia are the most common forms of arthritis.

The most common treatment for Back Pains includes medication, exercise, and a change in lifestyle, sometimes surgery for sever Back Ailments. Yoga is a mild form of physical activity which can help in strengthening Back Muscles and Skeletal system.

It can help in controlling and preventing the occurrence and re-occurrence of Back Injuries which can lead to some Chronic or Acute Back Ailment.

The practice of Yoga can be helpful to diagnosed disc problems after the acute stage has passed. The Proper Diet and no smoking lifestyle which are part of Yogic Lifestyle will facilitate fast recovery and prevention for Osteoporosis and Herniated disc. Asanas can tone your Back Muscles, make it more flexible, alleviate pain and improve your posture. Yoga lifestyle, Yoga Poses combined with medical attention can decrease the debilitating power of Back Pains.

Unilateral movements can stress the Sacroiliac joint. These are yoga postures such as Tree pose and Warrior 3 which involve balance on one leg. Deep standing postures may also stress the joint but done lightly may be beneficial. If a posture feels like it is causing greater pain patterns it should be avoided or at the least modified.

Lifting weights, riding a bike, running and even skiing don’t involve the muscle groups required to facilitate correct posture. Such routines often encourage the development of certain muscle groups and can delude individuals into feeling these are all that are required to stay in shape. Exercise regimens like yoga, Pilates, dancing and swimming all focus on working muscles in the chest, back and abdomen which, in turn, do help maintain a healthy posture. The body’s core muscle groups are exercised which allows a greater body work out, strengthening the physique overall and not just specific areas.

In theory, yoga helps people concentrate their energy on breathing and maintaining posture. The methodical breathing increases oxygen flow to the brain and sets a rhythm within the body and mind. This action coupled with the poses and sometimes meditation is said to dissipate stress and anxiety, therefore, relieving back pain caused by psychological and emotional factors.


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