Keeping It Light

Keeping It Light

Article by Mac McLeon

Do you remember when you were a child and you jumped rope or played basketball with your friends? Those were both forms of exercise that kept you out of your mother’s hair, busy for a long period of time and helped you burn fat and calories so you didn’t gain too much “baby fat.”Fitness does not have to be all about lifting weights, sweating uncontrollably or working out to the point where you pass out. No, you will find that if you do light exercises, it will leave you with plenty of energy and you will get the same if not better results.

What areas of your body would you like to improve? Is it your arms, thighs, buttocks, calves or stomach area? Whatever your target weight loss or tone section may be, you will first want to decide how much weight you would like to lose or at the least have an idea of how you would like the target area to look afterwards. Keeping your body in shape does not necessarily mean you have to use exercise equipment.

For your arms, you may want to try circular arm movements. You could start off with 10 sets of 20 repetitions to warm-up and then when you really get into it, you can step it up to 20 sets of 20 and each time you get used to it, you can add more or as much as you feel your body can handle at one time. If you want to improve on your thigh area, walking is a great way to do so. Some people like to run but you will probably find it easier to walk rather than run, and if you fall somewhere in between, a slight jog can also be very helpful. You could start off running for 20 minutes in the morning before work and if it works you can gradually increase the time. You might want to invest in a mp3 player, a cd player or get out an old audio cassette player, anything that allows you to listen to music or soothing sounds will be helpful as it will motivate and encourage you to exercise longer.

As you can see, there is lots of light exercises that a person can do to accommodate their lifestyle.After a long day at the office instead of watching television, you might want to play a game of pool or go swimming, remember any activity beats none at all.

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