Jogging Or Walking – Which Is The Better Weight Loss Exercise?

Jogging Or Walking – Which Is The Better Weight Loss Exercise?

Article by Jen Jolan

So which is it… jogging or walking, which is the better exercise for weight loss? Well, they both aren’t that good if you want fast weight loss, however I will show you how you can make 2 changes to 1 of them to make it 1 of the best weight loss exercises you can possibly do.

First off, some basic info…

If you’re going to exercise and plan on jogging, you can burn up a good deal of calories during your jogs. The problem is, after you’re done jogging, you’re done burning calories. Not good! No afterburn effect. For the amount of time you put in, this isn’t an efficient use of time to maximize fat loss.

Now, if your exercise plan includes walking, this is generally good for long term and slow weight loss, but bad for quick weight loss.

So, above I said you can make 2 changes to one of the above to make it a great weight loss exercise. Guess which exercise I was talking about… jogging or walking?


Here’s the deal… walking on a flat surface sucks for fast weight loss, but walking on an incline of 10-15 degrees works incredible for massive weight loss quickly. They’re totally different. Why? Because walking on an incline creates a huge oxygen deficit which forces your body to scavenge your bodyfat for quick energy supplies… thus, your bodyfat gets melted off for energy.

All you need to do is walk 15-20 minutes a day on an inclined treadmill or hill. You just turned walking into a superior weight loss exercise. So that’s change #1.

Change #2 is this… while walking, take 1 deep breath each minute. This again has to do with oxygen intake. All you do is inhale for 5 seconds, hold it for 5 seconds, and exhale for 5 seconds. Do that 1 time each minute you’re walking. That’s been proven to help you burn off an extra 22-30% more calories during a walk.

So, jogging or walking, which is the better weight loss exercise? If you make those 2 changes above, walking is the better exercise for you to do.

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