iSometrics App Walkthrough

Imagine an entire gym, fitness plan and personal trainer in the palm of your hand. Too good to be true? Not with iSometrics. iSometrics is a comprehensive guide to performing isometric exercise regimens under any condition using over 50 guides, training charts, built-in tools and the furniture around you. Isometric exercise is a form of strength/resistance training where muscles are contracted without any visible angular movement. Because of this, isometric fitness requires little more than a timer, and can be performed in almost any location. Crunch numbers. Shred papers. Burn calories. iSometrics was created in MEDL Mobiles App Incubator. The idea was submitted by Paul Martin, an IT specialist who found that his long work hours allowed very little time for working out. He has been performing isometric exercise since his late teens, and advocates this uniquely beneficial activity to people of all ages.
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