Is your exercise program for weight loss working?

Is your exercise program for weight loss working?

Article by Janice McMurphy

We, as human beings, are pretty predictable. Come to think of it we aren’t much different than some other creatures roaming around out there! We tend to spend more time at things that we enjoy and less time doing the things we hate.

Any diet and exercise program that we are try is going to be much more successful if we are motivated and don’t get bored. Your weight loss exercise schedule should ideally include the following:

Find an exercise that you really enjoy.

Make sure you are doing it for at least 30 to 60 minutes a day for maximum effectiveness.

Pick the right kind of exercises that will make you feel better.

With all of our activities, it is extremely difficult to fit in exercising. We think that our weight loss exercise schedule must include intentional things like a treadmill or lifting weights. It’s good to remember that it really means anything that you enjoy and causes you to move around. Things like golf (without a golf cart), tennis, walking, hiking, riding a bicycle, swimming and dancing are excellent things to be doing. Try to carve out an hour a day on a consistent basis if you can. You are probably much more likely to stick with something that you enjoy.

Even though they may not be as much fun, yard work, house cleaning and gardening are vital activities that help us burn calories as well. As your day goes by, it is often difficult to fit things in such as these. Obviously, nutrition weight loss programs that cut down your calorie intake are important also. Quality herbal weight loss products that help burn fat more quickly will make your weight loss go even more quickly.

More Difficult Weight Loss Exercise Programs:

To really start seeing dramatic weight loss results, you will need to start doing some hard or fast exercises for a certain period of time followed by an easy workout plan. For those that can afford it, a personal trainer and weight loss supplements are the best choice. A personal trainer will push you and keep you motivated when you can’t do it on your own. Don’t spend a ton of money on exercise equipment that will probably never get used in your home. Buy a cheap gym membership that limits the distractions around the house if you have to.Try to be a little bit more intentional by forcing yourself to take the stairs instead of the elevator. Park your car at the farthest end of the parking lot and walk farther to the mall entrance. If you have children, get out there and play with them for an hour a day. You are not only helping yourself but them as well by making sure they are active.

Hopefully, some of the tips that I have suggested will make a difference in your weight loss regimen!

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