Is Tummy Tuck Surgery A Weight Loss Solution?

Is Tummy Tuck Surgery A Weight Loss Solution?

Article by Greg Gillespie

If it seems that all the sit-ups you perform religiously are doing nothing to rid you of that annoying and embarrassing stomach paunch, maybe it is time to consider tummy tuck surgery. While this is a major surgical procedure, the results are usually considered well worth it by those who have availed themselves of this opportunity. The really great news is that it is a very rare occurrence for a patient to need a second surgery, in spite of the ever present possibility of repeated weight gain. This procedure is not a weight loss program, though, and interested people are encouraged to lose as much of their problem weight as possible before this cosmetic surgery. The main purpose of this type of procedure is to remove the loose sagging skin that dieting and exercise cannot correct.

Abdominoplasty, or tummy tuck surgery is usually performed under a general anaesthesia or a local anaesthesia combined with a sedative. This may cause some discomfort for those who chose the lighter version. The procedure can take from 2-5 hours under normal circumstances and is usually done on an outpatient basis. In some special circumstances a 1 or 2 day hospital stay may be required.

There are a variety of differentiated techniques available to tighten up your abdominal area. In place of the traditional tummy tuck surgery, patients may choose a skin only tummy tuck that only removes excess loose skin. They may also opt for a mini tummy tuck that is less invasive and does not involve repositioning the belly button. A third choice would be to simply liposuction the excess fat in the area and not touch the skin. In an endoscopic tummy tuck, tiny incisions are made, a camera is inserted, and the loose muscles are tightened and repositioned without any major incision line. For those requiring huge amounts of excess skin removal, a panniculectomy can remove all that hanging, loose skin.

Because tummy tuck surgery is a major medical procedure involving anaesthesia, it is really important to work with a board-certified cosmetic surgeon. Risks can be greatly minimized when your doctor is highly skilled and qualified in this field. There will be a considerable recovery time, especially if you have the traditional procedure. You will initially feel swollen and sore and require some pain medications for the first few days. However, you should be back to work within 1-3 weeks, doing light exercise by 4 weeks, and leading your normal lifestyle within 6-8 weeks. It may take as much as nine months for your scars to flatten and fade, but they will probably never disappear completely. Fortunately they are in a  place that is easy to hide. Tummy tuck surgery is not inexpensive, but the rewards in terms of a flat, trim abdomen and improved self-esteem may be well worth the effort and the expense.

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