Is The Information Irritable Bowel Syndrome Advisors Give You Correct?

Is The Information Irritable Bowel Syndrome Advisors Give You Correct?

Article by Susan Reynolds

Medical science is breaking new frontiers each passing day. Particularly in the last few decades, research on the human body, its diseases and treatments has received enormous focus all across the world. However one aspect that has been relatively ignored by modern medical science is the relationship of mind and body. There are a lot of disorders that are created by mind-body imbalance, and Irritable Bowel Syndrome seems to fall into this category. As you look for the information Irritable Bowel Syndrome articles and books provide, you would generally find them talking at length about its relationship with diet, and less so about the disorder’s link with the mental state of the patient.

With the popularity of alternative healing practices such as Reiki, Yoga, hypnotherapy and Acupuncture, the world is waking up to the importance of the mind-body connection in maintaining good health. This is one fact that has not yet been given adequate importance in traditional medical science. However numerous patients across the world have experienced recovery from various diseases by using techniques that help restore the balance between mind and body.

Although some doctors believe that IBS is only the result of abnormal food habits, or a hypersensitivity to the bowel motor functions, this view has been challenged by many. They state that IBS is often found in individuals who have a tendency to be over anxious. General anxiety disorder (GAD), that is fairly common today, has been found to have a deep relationship with IBS.

In fact in a study carried out at the Medical University of South Carolina, anything between 50% and 90% of the people who visit their doctors about treatment for irritable bowel syndrome also have psychological disorders, including GAD, social anxiety, post traumatic stress and panic disorder.

Also, a study showed that when a group of people where given arithmetic problems to solve, a greater number of those with IBS showed distinctive brain wave patterns, relating to how they cope with psychological stress.

Other studies have also shown that those with IBS seem to also have a lower pain tolerance to perceived abdominal pain, often reporting excessive discomfort during procedures like a barium enema or colonoscopy.

Although the cause of IBS is not known, there is progress being made in its treatments, and there are a number of steps a person can take to help him or her self as well as following their doctor’s advice.

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One of the first things to understand about IBS is that it is a condition that will need to be managed throughout life, but it is not a condition that defines a person, nor one that leaves a physical impact on the body.

There are likely to be for each person certain foods that trigger the symptoms more than others and these need to be identified and avoided. A good way is by creating a food diary to monitor what is being eaten, when it is being eaten, how often and how large the portions where, and what effects, if any the food has on the body.

Also, dependent upon the type of IBS, often increasing the intake of water and fiber can help considerably.

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