Is Circuit Training For You? The Benefits – Weight Loss – Exercise

Is Circuit Training For You? The Benefits – Weight Loss – Exercise

Article by Diana Simmons

Is circuit Training for You? Benefits of Circuit Training

IT seems to be the hottest thing around town. Total Exercise in 30 minutes. Circuit training basically means that you are doing resistance training at a fast enough pace to raise your heart rate to an aerobic level. In this way you are getting resistance training at the same time you are doing your cardio workout. I have complied a list of some of the benefits of strength training so that you can decide if it is something you want to try

Circuit training is a complete fitness training program, it engages muscle groups at once as opposed to working one or two muscles at a time, this cuts down on the time you spend working out.

Builds lean muscle mass and tone muscles, you will most likely not get huge muscles with circuit training. You will however notice firmer muscles quickly

Raises your level of fitness in endurance and strength. This will enable you to keep up with the kids, husband or job that seems to take all of your time and energy. You might even have a little left over for you.

Improves your health, this goes with most any exercise program. It improves you physical health and your mental health as well.

Gives you sustained energy throughout the day

It is flexible, in that it can be done anywhere. There are programs at gyms, or you can get a program in a book or over the internet. There are many effective ways to circuit train

There is large variety of exercises that you can do. You will not get bored and you can change up your workout regularly to avoid getting into a rut

You can include your whole family or do it with friends. Everyone can join in and have a fun time with these exercises

It has been proven to be a great way to get fit and lose weight

It raises metabolism for hours after you finish exercising. Studies show that even hours after you finish exercising, your metabolism is burning at a higher rate. So you reap the benefits for longer period of time.

Consider your current health and see your doctor before you decide circuit training is for you. Take it slow and be kind to yourself. Enjoy the journey, it is the most important part.

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