Insidermedicine in 60 – December 11, 2008

From London – According to research in the European Heart Journal, panic attacks may increase the risk for coronary events. In a study of over 57000 individuals, researchers found that those diagnosed with panic attacks or panic disorder before the age of 50 had a 38% increased risk of heart attack, and a 44% increased risk of coronary heart disease. Symptoms of a panic attack, including palpitations and chest pain, can closely resemble a cardiac event. From Washington – According to the National Center for Health Statistics, nearly 40% of American adults use some sort of alternative or complementary medicine. These treatments include natural products such as fish oil and echinacea, deep-breathing exercises, meditation, yoga and massage therapy. The researchers suggest that their findings reinforce the need for continued research on the safety and efficacy of these alternative therapies. And finally, from San Francisco – According to research in the journal Neurology, MRIs are picking up evidence of multiple sclerosis in patients who have not experienced symptoms. In a study of 44 patients who underwent routine MRI, and whose tests uncovered white matter anomalies in the brain, researchers found that nearly one-third developed symptoms of MS within 5 years. The researchers conclude that these anomalies may be a precursor to MS, but further study is required. For Insidermedicine in 60, I’m Allison Chow.

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