Insane “Ripped Chest” Exercise

Click here to get abs: I’ve gotten a lot of questions lately asking me: — What’s the best chest workout to build chest muscle? — What’s the best chest exercises to shape your chest muscle? — Are there any chest workouts that help you gain more definition in your chest? In this video, I give you the answers to these questions. I tell you how to put size on your chest, how to shape the DETAILS of your chest, and the only REAL way to gain definition on your chest muscle. I also show you a great chest exercise to shape your inner chest muscle. If you want to see a home chest workout to put size on your pecs, check out my “Killer Home Chest Workout Video.” That’s the chest workout I recommend beginners start with. Once you are advanced, you can move on to chest exercises like this one to shape the details of your muscles. And if you want to get ripped, the fastest way to do that is going to be Afterburn Training. It’s a simple but INTENSE combination of heavy, compound weight lifting and high intensity cardio. I made a free video showing you why Afterburn Training gets you faster results, and showing you exactly how you can incorporate it into your workouts. Check it out here:
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