Infinite Beauty: Effective Skin Care Tips for Women Over 50

Infinite Beauty: Effective Skin Care Tips for Women Over 50

Article by Maria Luisa Andrew

As a woman hit 50, her skin tends to lose its elasticity and become dry. While you can’t possibly stop aging, you can defy it and age in grace. And there’s no reason why 50 plus women can’t enjoy beautiful skin as they did in their heydays.

Here are some effective skin care tips for women over 50 so you can have an infinite beauty everyone envies:

– Stay away from the sun as much as possible, especially during 10am-4pm, as the sun’s UV rays are at its peak. Overexposure to sun is the verdict of wrinkles, freckles, age spots or blotchy complexion, and even skin cancer.

– If you really need to be out, make sure to wear protective clothing and accessories, such as long sleeved shirt, hat or sunglasses. It is also highly recommendable to spread a generous amount of sunscreen all over your skin. Choose sunblock lotions that both provide UVB and UVA protection and with at least SPF 15.

– Exfoliate your skin for a healthier and more youthful glow. Exfoliation simply means getting rid of dead, dry skin. No matter how much you moisturize, if you don’t exfoliate, it’s not going to work. Use mild scrubs, such as a loofah to remove dull skin. Facial and body scrubs with exfoliating properties are great, too.

– After thorough yet gentle exfoliation, don’t forget to moisturize, as aging skin needs constant moisture to keep it supple. Use a moisturizing product that offers anti-aging benefits. And if the weather is dry, be sure to re-apply every few hours. Aside from moisturizer, go for collagen rich creams and products, which help firm the skin and protect it against fine lines and wrinkles.

– Fight the signs of skin aging by staying active with simple and light exercises. Regular exercise can play a crucial role in how young and how beautiful your skin looks and feels. Also, working out increases sweating, which in turn can unclog pores and avoid breakouts.

– Another effective skin care tip for women in her 50s is to detoxify. Eliminate alcohol, cigarettes and other stuff containing harmful substances. Drink lots of water to flush out impurities and hydrate skin. Another good way to detoxify is by drinking warm water with lemon juice every morning, which aids in removing all unwanted waste and toxins from your body, clearing your skin as a result. – If you are serious about keeping aging skin at bay, a regular visit to a dermatologist will be very beneficial and highly suggested. There is a broad range of skin treatments available that can rejuvenate your skin—from the usual facials to microdermabrasion, and other skin care methods.

Combined with a healthy diet, a lot if discipline, plus these practical skin care tips above, you are surely on your way to a much better, more radiant, younger-looking skin.

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