Infertility? Yoga Is In, Strenuous Exercise Is Out

Infertility? Yoga Is In, Strenuous Exercise Is Out

Article by Diana Farrell

If you want to get pregnant but are engaged in strenuous workouts, stop. That kind of heavy exercise may put your fertility at risk and cause more harm than good. Instead of doing heavy workouts, trying gentler forms of exercise such as infertility yoga.

A Norwegian study published in the medical journal Human Reproduction found that strenuous workouts can affect a women’s chances of becoming pregnant. The study led by Dr Sigridur Gudmundsdottir and colleagues from the Norwegian University of Science and Technology and the Emory University in Atlanta was conducted on nearly 25,000 Norwegian women aged 27, on average.

Some basic findings of the research include:

1. The more frequent and strenuous a woman’s physical activity, the greater her chances of being infertile.

2. Active women raise by 3.2 times their chances of becoming pregnant compared to their inactive counterparts.

3. Women increase their chances of infertility by 2.3 times when they work out ‘to exhaustion’ in contrast to those who don’t.

Why yoga is a better alternative

Yoga comes from the Sanskrit word yuj which means “to unite or integrate.” Hindus believe that integration happens when the mind, body, and spirit are in harmony with one another. As an integrated person, you also enjoy better health, which can improve fertility.

Yoga enables you to refocus on yourself, your body, and your breathing. This is true for both men and women. Overall, yoga techniques aim to put gentle pressure on the different organs of the body, to help realign and balance your body’s systems. With proper breathing techniques you allow your mind to become quiet and relaxed, thereby relieving stress and promoting physical healing.

Best yoga styles

Because they are very relaxing, Hatha and Kripalu are two of the best options for overcoming infertility. Hatha yoga from the compound word Ha and Tha (meaning Sun and Moon) aims to balance the male and female energies in your body for better body and mind connection as well as increased vitality. This is the yoga style that most Western people are familiar with. It mostly consists of gentle physical exercises or asanas, purification, controlled breathing, relaxation, and meditative techniques.

Because this yoga style is physical, its main focus is on the limbs. Through asanas, you learn poise, balance and strength which lead to a clear mind and improved physical health-the two most important factors for longer periods of meditation. This type of yoga is ideal for women of any age who want to maintain good health.

Kripalu yoga, on the other hand, is a more inward-focused form of hatha yoga that lets you focus on both your body and your spirit. This yoga style usually starts with breathing, stretching, and body postures. Kripalu yoga is recommended for beginners and women of all ages who are out of shape.

Reaping the benefits

If you are new to yoga, expect to reap health benefits as early as Day 1. The first time you do yoga, you will immediately begin to feel more relaxed with correct asanas and breathing techniques that can help quiet your mind and trigger chemical reactions necessary for healing. Physiologically, positive effects can be felt in just one month of consistent yoga exercises, 2-3 times weekly.

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