Importance of Active Life Style

Importance of Active Life Style

Article by Awais Tahir

This articles aims to show you how important the exercise is even when you are 50 or above. Active lifestyle can be achieved through exercise being the core of your agenda. Though, research shows that people over 50’s do not spend enough time trying to keep fit. Those who actively takes part in exercise on daily basis, these over 50’s find that it positively affect their lifestyle and medical conditions it helps to maintain healthier heart and body.

According to researches, in England, just 32% of men above 50 and only 21% of women take the recommended 30 minute exercise on daily basis. In Scotland figures are more lacking as 29% and 19% respectively. If we look at figures of 65 plus the 17% men & 12% women in England and 14% men and 8% women are taking exercise as recommended.

Whether or not you had exercised at your early age the benefits outweigh the time it will take you to cope up with active life style. Some of the benefits are not as obvious as you might not have considered them. Sitting around and not doing much will make you feel tired and unhealthy, but keeping yourself active will give you more energy and you feel lively.

Exercise helps keep you weight stable and balanced. With exercise you are able to have more restful and peaceful night sleep which might not be possible otherwise. Active lifestyle with daily exercise helps to keep your bones healthy and strong, protect joints from ageing and keep maintain your mobility and balance.

The list does not end here every person with healthier and active life style will experience betterment in their on their own in many ways. It’s never too late to start exercise even if you never had exercised in past, anyway you can start exercise to have long lasting benefits of active life.

Make sure you have fun in your life, because one cannot continue something for long time if it’s not of one’s interest. There are number of techniques and methods of exercise available, just go with the exercise you like to do and you feel having fun with. Choose any exercise according to your present fitness condition. for example If you are not too fit to take some hard exercise you can choose to walk or jogging it will easily fit in your daily routine.

Alternatively people who are fitter then average can try yoga or join local gym. Most of towns have gyms run by council that are very economical. These gyms or fitness centres can offer you special personalized programme to follow.

If you are not sure about gyms or fitness centres you may look in for newspaper, internet or council for local area gym. Your local council may also have the information regarding the different courses in fitness centre for you.

If you have some injury or illness consult the doctor before you start exercise. Ask your doctor if you are fit for some specific exercise so that you don’t get into trouble. Keep in mind it’s very important to find right activities for you.

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