If you’re serious about being healthy, get in front of a computer

If you’re serious about being healthy, get in front of a computer

Article by Jez Heath

Marketing companies are constantly inventing new and expensive fads to help us exercise, lose weight and get healthy. But if we’re really going to get results, it’s probably just best to do more and more of the things we already enjoy. Frankly there aren’t any shortcuts to good health and fitness, the only real way to be healthy is through a good diet and good exercise. To get results, we need to commit to a regular schedule, ideally we should be doing something every day if possible. But whatever our personal circumstances, I don’t think there’s a single one of us that doesn’t find that difficult with so many demands on our time.Of all the choices of exercise available, yoga is perhaps the most versatile, allowing us to exercise almost anywhere, without the need for any special equipment – we don’t really even need a mat. This means that we can exercise anytime morning to night, wherever we feel comfortable, at home, at work or in our hotel room when we travel.For most of us, the limitation of yoga, is also one of its most important aspects. To practice properly, we have to know the postures, and the correct sequence to do them. But now we can all get our own private professional yoga instruction.Ancient practices, modern technologyThe latest technology now allows us to follow video based yoga instruction, without having to buy the videos or DVDs. Instead we can access a full library of videos online at the click of a mouse. Our high-speed computers can stream the videos over the internet to our homes or wherever else we want to practice.Convenience and quality – all the better for usHaving access to a range of different yoga routines and instructors gives us the benefits of going to class, without the hassle or its limitations. Online yoga classes give us:

Yoga instruction on demand so we can practice yoga according to our own schedules. Fit a session in before work, at lunch or in the evening – there’s no need to check your yoga center’s class schedules.Yoga wherever you are No need to fight traffic, pay for parking or even make a special trip to our yoga center. We can just practice at the click of our mouse, wherever we feel comfortable. Even our hotel room when you travel.Clear visual and audio instruction – Using the same technology as the Hollywood movie studios, we can get full screen, High Definition (HD) quality streaming video online. We don’t need to wait and we don’t even need to waste electricity downloading the videos overnight. It’s as convenient as putting on a DVD.More health improving yoga poses – Having access to a library of online videos means we get a wide range of routines and a greater range of yoga poses and their unique benefits to your body and mind – just like you’d get in class.The highest quality yoga instruction – All yoga instructors have unique styles and quality standards. Don’t let your development be limited by the instructors in your area, get access to yoga instruction like you’ve never experienced before.So although it’s still more desirable to attend a class to practice yoga, we’re all limited by the practicalities of life and the teaching available in our areas. With the latest technology it just gets easier and more convenient for all of us to share in the joys of yoga.

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Jez Heath is helping real people to achieve the health benefits that yoga has to offer, even if they can’t make it to yoga class. To find out how online yoga video instruction can help you commit to a regular exercise routine necessary to improve your health, visit http://www.TotalYogaPractice.com

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