How Yoga Can Help Your Workout

How Yoga Can Help Your Workout

Article by Chris McCombs

So these days yoga is a very common word. 50 years ago it was not something commonplace that the general population spoke about. But it has gained popularity by being practiced by celebrities and famous athletes and has become an accepted means of exercise by the masses. I think you can even do yoga on Wii now-an assisted yoga program on a video game. Wow.

But nonetheless, it does have a mysterious and intimidating allure to it. Most people that you talk to that have never actually practiced yoga will say that it is something that they have always wanted to try.Perhaps they are afraid of the unknown or they don’t know where to start as there are many different styles.

Yoga in any form is a great addition to any workout regimen. It lengthens the limbs and improves flexibility, strength and mental clarity. Yoga in tandem with weight training has great benefits. It can allow you to lunge deeper and squat lower, bend further, and lift heavier over time. It can help ward off those nasty sore muscles and increases posture (which makes everyone look instantly leaner). I find that during yoga sessions truly do experience a feeling of peace and that I am able to focus on just the task at hand instead of the grocery list, laundry and the details of my meeting with clients.

So how do you get going? Ask your friends or gym buddies. Every one knows someone who does yoga or has taken a class here or there. Have them take you for your first time. Most of the time, yoga studios even have promotions for members to bring a friend and maybe get a discount. If you are nervous about what it’s going to be like when you get there, do a little homework, find out the style of the class you will be attending, and rent a yoga video to get a head start on the poses.

If all else fails and you can’t find someone to go with, just brave it alone. What is the worst that could possibly happen? You feel stupid? You don’t get the poses perfect? Who cares? In time, it will become more comfortable and you will get better and better. No one is ever great at something the first time. That is why the saying goes “practice makes perfect”.

So the key, is to practice, practice, practice… and then practice some more.

Most people are unaware that there are various branches of yoga which include: Jnana Yoga, Bhakti Yoga, Hatha Yoga, Karma Yoga and the beloved Raja Yoga. Raja Yoga, which was established by the Yoga Sutras of Patanjali, and known simply as “Yoga” in the context of Hindu philosophies, is just one of the six schools of thought.

Yoga works on a mental, emotional and spiritual level and any time practicing Yoga is time well spent. I urge you to embrace yoga as part of your life, you will be so happy you did and your mind, body and spirit will thank you for it.

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