How To Select The Right Weight Loss Exercise

How To Select The Right Weight Loss Exercise

Article by Cecil D, Murphy

It is a well known fact that exercise, when properly used, will be of tremendous benefit to your weight loss efforts. Indeed, most weight loss systems worth their salt – i.e. those that want to see you succeed – will give a place of honour to exercise, as they have come to realize that no weight loss system can truly be successful without the incorporation of at least some exercise.

The type of exercise you chose as part of your weight loss efforts has to be completely adapted not only to your goals, but also to your current physical condition. For example, it will do you no good to sign up for a martial arts class if you are so out of shape that you have trouble climbing the 20 steps needed to get to the class! You have to be realistic, as well as optimistic.

Like most things in life, the results of exercise are not visible overnight – although some are. They are long term benefits that accordingly take some time before being visible. If you are very much overweight, then the first thing to do is to reduce your weight up to the point that you can start doing exercise you enjoy; everything will take care of itself after that.

Going to the gym is the way most people go when they decide to finally do so exercise and lose some weight. Going to the gym is great, both for weight training and cardiovascular exercise, but the main problem is always to stay motivated. If possible, have a friend sign up at the same time and do your exercise together. It will be of great benefit to you both, and knowing that someone will expect you is a great motivator.

Many gyms and community centers, such as the YMCA, also offer a great number of classes, from spinning, yoga, Tai Chi, all sorts of dances, to serious and genuine martial arts. In my opinion, you will have more success with group classes than with individual activities, as the motivating factor is built-in to group activities.

It is completely normal that not all activities will be suited to you, either for age reasons, level of fitness, or even personal taste. But the fact is that incorporating a regular dose of exercise in your life, whatever it is, will prove a boon to your health, both mental and physical, for years to come.

Moreover, did you know that exercise is addictive? That’s the best part! Exercise will stimulate the release of endorphins in your brain, which you will unconsciously crave, making you enjoy the strain and effort of exercise! That’s a topic for another article entirely, but the fact is that your mind and body will learn to love your daily or weekly exercise regimen, making it easier and more pleasant as you progress.

As always, it is crucial to visit a doctor or health care professional before embarking on a new diet or exercise regimen. You should also know that your weight will be best managed with a combination of diet, exercise, and in some cases, natural weight loss supplements. While all three could individually offer some results, taking in combination they are a powerful solution to your weight loss issues.

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