How to Practice Yoga Exercises Correctly

How to Practice Yoga Exercises Correctly

Article by Jim Johnson

If you have decided to improve your mental and physical health with yoga, you need to practice your yoga exercises correctly to get the most benefit and to prevent injury. Here are a few suggestions to keep in mind.

* Before you begin, be sure that you are in good enough physical shape to be able to handle this new exercise routine. If you have any questions at all about that, consult your doctor and follow his directions as you get started.

* Be sure that you learn the yoga techniques from a well-qualified, capable instructor. A good instructor will be very patient with you and will help you learn not only the exercises themselves but also the proper body position and breathing techniques necessary to make them effective. It’s very important that you learn how to practice yoga correctly from the beginning if you want to get real results.

* If you attend a yoga class at a studio or gym, be sure that the surroundings are comfortable and promote relaxation. The environment in which you practice your poses and positions can have a great impact on the effectiveness of each session.

* The specific time of day that you choose for your yoga exercises is not important. Whatever fits into your schedule best will work just fine. But try to avoid exercising shortly after a full meal. Your stomach should not be full when you begin your yoga session.

* Regularity is very important if you want to get the best results. That does not mean that you cannot possibly miss a session or two along the way, but you certainly do not want to make it a habit.

* Your clothing should be light and very comfortable, although try to avoid very loose clothing like large T-shirts that can actually interfere with some poses. The material for your clothing should be breathable and wick moisture away from the skin as you perspire.

* It’s a very good idea to have a yoga mat to use as you exercise. These can help you avoid slipping as you go into and out of each yoga position, and also keep you from having to exercise on the bare floor.

* Generally speaking, very young children should not practice yoga, especially before 7-8 years of age. Pregnant women should also avoid certain poses and positions that put pressure on their abdomen.

Yoga is not hard to practice and it yields a lot of very fine benefits for young and old alike. If you approach yoga exercises with an open mind and make it a deeply personal experience, it may become one of the most rewarding experiences of your life.

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