How to Lose Weight Without Taking Weight Loss Pills

How to Lose Weight Without Taking Weight Loss Pills

Article by Amy Lee Sullivan

Many overweight people look forward to being able to learn how to lose weight without the need for potentially damaging pills of any sort. Usually they search for these questions but have no luck at all in finding the answers. I, on the other hand, would like to present you with a hint or two on how to lose weight easily and in a safe manner.

Notice that I never said it was going to be quick for any project involving weight takes time. This is particularly true in the event that you want it to remain off your body and not return within a month or two.

When you decide to learn how to lose weight don’t think of it as some sort of mystery for it really isn’t. It is a series of scientific facts that when properly used will help you to achieve your goal in dropping your current weight level. In addition, the process that you will learn on how to lose weight will actually not involve any exercises, strange diets or those potentially unsafe pills that are found over the counter.

To start your lessons on how to lose weight you should create a daily weight journal. This journal should be a complete listing of your physical activates as well as your food consumption. All entries should be converted to relate to how many calories you are either burning off or consuming.

As an example you must first determine what your person BMR should be. This is a figure that is calculated to determine the amount of calories that your body will need each day in order to function properly.

You can next obtain a calorie calculate to determine your specific activity level. This calculator will let you know how many calories you are successfully using when you are performing certain activities. You will see how much energy you are burning as you walk, sit or run. These figures can be especially encouraging when you are trying desperately to reduce your calorie intake and increase your calorie consumption. That is the major point that must be stressed here is that you will ultimately want to use more calories up then what you are bring in. That is the principle behind how to lose weight.

It is easy for a person to gain those extra pounds merely by going back for a second helping at mealtime or a quick stop at the local fast food shop but keep in mind that if it is easy to gain the weight it must also be easy to lose it, if you know how. If you can manage to burn only 500 extra calories per day you will start to lose one pound per week.

After you have created your journal there are several things that you can safely do that will contribute towards your weight reduction goals.

1. Replace that afternoon Pepsi with a glass of water and you will save 97 calories2. If you must have fast food, consider replacing your Egg McMuffin with a whole wheat bagel and 1 tablespoon of peanut butter which will save you 185 calories.3. Walking up and down the flight of stairs during your break at work could save you 100 calories.4. Don’t turn the alarm off in the morning, get up and take a brisk walk. Once again you save 100 calories.5. Instead of watching television all evening stop and do 10 minutes of yoga exercises and you will be rewarded with a savings of 50 calories

As you can see there are many ways that you can cut back on your calories after you have learned the techniques of how to lose weight.

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