How to Lose Weight with Weight Loss Exercises

How to Lose Weight with Weight Loss Exercises

Article by Peter Hutch

Loosing weight has become an important issue for a number of people. You can know whether you are obese or over weight by calculating your body mass index. This is one of the scales that are used by the doctors to calculate whether you are obese or not. There are different levels of obesity and it is always better to know about the weight loss programs and the weight loss exercises at an earlier stage.

Many people in these days realize the adverse effects of overweight on health and weight loss is becoming a common concern in society. Various weight loss methods are available but you should go for a healthy one which works well for you.

Taking exercise or physical activities is the good way you can go for. You can benefits lots from exercise. It can not only get you into shape but also can help you loss the extra pounds.

Mini-trampoline jumping

This exercise works the whole body and you don’t need to do it for 15-30 minutes straight like exercises at the gym (treadmill, elliptical, stairstepper). The best way to lose weight from this is using it as a “METABOLISM BOOSTER” by doing it for 2 minutes every so often.

Another type of exercise for weight loss that you need to incorporate is cardiovascular training. There are many things that you can do that will work your body aerobically. You could walk, run, jog, hike, or do kickboxing. The options are numerous, you just have to find one that you like and will stick with. I use interval training in my cardio workouts for an optimal fat burn. I push my self to my limits for 90 seconds or more. Then I continue to workout at a normal level. You should exercise for 30 minutes to an hour when it comes to cardio exercise.

Spinning around in a circle

This is a non-calorie-burning exercise. Say what? Yeah, that’s not how this exercise helps you to lose weight. It helps at a deeper root level… your hormonal level. You see, a lot of people who are obese have screwed up and whacky hormones. I won’t get into the reasons on how that happened since they’re far too numerous, but a neat little way to restore balance with your hormones is with spinning in a circle.

Brisk Walking

Walking is the easiest and best way to kick start your weight loss program. Although walking anytime is good for weight loss, a brisk 45 minute walk in the morning is said to be more beneficial. The air is fresh in the morning with no pollution and your body has had a good night’s sleep and is well rested. Though it may take a couple of months to start seeing visible results in your figure, you will feel active and fresh from day one. And once your metabolism kicks off. you will start losing weight faster than you thought.


Swimming for weight loss is a fun way to lose weight and get refreshed at the same time. Doing just a few laps of the pool will give a whole body workout and burn those extra calories. Hitting the pool for just 30 minutes every day and keeping a watch on what you eat after the swim will help you lose weight faster than you can imagine.

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