How To Lose Weight With A Morning Run

How To Lose Weight With A Morning Run

Article by Stephen Byrne

There are thousands of ways to lose weight through exercise, but my favourite for toning my body and get in to shape is a run first thing in the morning. This is of course, very hard to do, and the reason been, getting motivated, and in reality, getting out of bed. I’ve been running for 6 months now,4-5 days a week, basically adding it in to my fitness routine, and with a good healthy diet plan, the difference in my body shape, and fitness level is outstanding.

People are always trying to lose weight, whether for reasons of been overweight, fearing diabetes, high blood pressure, good old vanity, getting in to your swim wear, moobs, double chin, big butt, lose the stomach fat, the reasons are in the thousands, and there are tons of ways, through exercises and diets, but in reality, Regular exercise and a healthy diet is the key to and unbeatable routine.

But A Morning Run, Are You Mad!!!

I know, getting up first thing in the morning to go running, before breakfast, seems nuts, especially if you have a days work ahead of you, kids to look after, or the worst, a warm body snuggled up beside you, all contribute to a difficult leap out of the bed, but If serious about losing weight of getting back in shape, Nothing beats a nice morning run to start the day and get the heart pumping.


There are tons of benefits to running first thing in the morning, these can include, Building up your metabolism to improving and Strengthening your fitness, but my favourite perk of this routine is the mental awareness your mind and body receives for the day, it is amazing, nothing beats starting your morning feeling sharp, knowing you still have a full day ahead to enjoy, the feeling and energy carries through the whole day.

Prepare Well- Eat Healthy…

Make sure you wear the right clothing according to the weather, and having the right running shoe is A MUST.

Since it is going to be the first thing you do, drink plenty of water, since you have not drank water for nearly 8 hours due to sleeping, and always drink water regardless. Tests have shown that drinking water first thing in the morning can actually help you burn calories, crazy, so an extra bonus.

If hungry, as I’m sure like me you can be, eat a protein bar or a small piece of fruit. This morning run is going to build up your metabolism, making you so hungry when you return, and with a proper nutritious breakfast, a few weeks into this routine you will lose weight and gain energy.

How Long Should You Run?

If starting out, from 10- 15 Min’s, at a light pace, take it easy, do not kill yourself.It also depends on the time you have, and what lies ahead with the day to come, but gradually as you become more confident, stronger, fitter you can up your pace.

Get Motivated!!!

So to lose weight with a morning run, you need to get motivated, set goals, add in some other light exercises and eat a healthy diet, incorporate a healthy diet plan, and most important, stay hydrated by drinking plenty of water, it’s not that hard to do, your health is your wealth as they say, and it’s such a true statement, Good-luck.

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