How To Lose Weight After Pregnancy (With Ease)

How To Lose Weight After Pregnancy (With Ease)

Article by Melissa Ryan

Losing weight after pregnancy can seem like a long and challenging journey for the new mother. Adjusting to a newborn makes us mothers very busy individuals. We often find ourselves racing against time and between (breast)feeding, changing nappies and putting our babies to sleep there might be a little time left for our own nap of the day. So where can we fit any exercise or post pregnancy diet in? Fitting this in our schedule can be challenging if not next to impossible- especially if you are breastfeeding. Below you will find some answers to your journy in safe and natural weight loss.

Breastfeeding – Mothers who breastfeed their newbornsfind that losing weight after pregnancy is easy. Breastfeeding can burn up to 500 calories a day. That corresponds to doing 2 hours of aerobics. Women who breastfeed tend to drop more weight than those who don’t breastfeed and the weight tends to come off at a faster rate.

Eat Healthy Foods – Fad diets may seem like a good solution, but after giving birth you will find that you need as much nutrition as possble. Make sure you eat plenty of fruits, vegetables and lean proteins. The thing to avoid is eating sugary things like cake,sweets and cookies. Healthy eating habits are essential if you Adequate mothers.

Go For a Walk – Once your baby is a few weeks old and you are feeling better, you should consider taking daily walks. The fresh air will be good for both you and your new little one. You will also get the some exercise to help kick start your after pregnancy weight loss! Brisk walking burns about 250 calories an hour! Not to mention you and baby will both get the Vitamin D that you need from the sun.

Go Shopping – Going for a trip to the mall is a good alternative if you feel that it is too chilly for you to take a walk outdoors. Malls also tend to be baby friendly, offering elevators and lifts on site. They are kept warm and they are good places for people watching and of course foor walking around. This is excellent way of losing weight after pregnancy and have some fun along the way. The only thing to avoid while here, are the food courts and the sweet shops!

Being out in the public with your newborn may trigger some concerns about exposing your baby to germs and foreign bacteria. Althought, this is understandable for any mother who’s main role is to protect their newborn, it is also improtant to bear in mind that exposing your baby to new and unique germs is how babies build their immune systems.Keeping your baby in the stroller keeps strangers from touching him or her and most people are aware of this anyway.

Is it worth joining the Gym? – Only after a good few weeks is what most midwifes recommend midwife will will instruct you to stick to very light exercise for the first 6 weeks and that regardless of what type of labour you had.Most gyms offer a creche service that are in many examples next to fantastic with very competent staff. If you however, still feel unconfortable, leaving your newborn with strangers, then try to be creative instead! Could you leave your baby with a good friend? With grand parents? Or relatives? Perhaps your husband happens to be at home at that time? All of the people above are likely to be very understanding of that you are at this stage anxious to get started with losing weight after a long pregnancy.

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